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Friday, June 26, 2009

Miguel Cotto says that in two weeks the fight against Pacquiao will be confirmed

San Juan, Puerto Rico. - The world champion Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto said today that in next the two weeks the negotiations for their fight of the 14 of November against the Philippine Manny Pacquiao will be confirmed, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The negotiations will take between week and a half to two weeks, and have to do besides the economic thing, with the weight in which we will fight”, it attended Cotto, WBO Welterweight Chamption.

The Boricua, with 34-1 record, the past maintained Tuesday that would not have problem in lowering of the 147 pounds (67 kilos) to the 145 pounds (66 kilos) for their fight against Pacquiao, known as the “Pacman”.

Pacquiao, with 49-3-2 record, never has realised a combat in the 147 pounds, although in their fight against the American-Mexican Oscar Dela Hoya last December 6, 2008, it was in the 145 pounds.

The fight between Cotto and Pacquiao could break the records of attendance, as well as the prices of transmission.

Nevertheless, the Puerto Rican boxer emphasized that the marks “will decide the public”.

The fight in addition will be the one of greater inactivity for Cotto since the past 14 of June overcame by divided decision the Ghanaian Joshua Clottey and to retain its title.

Cotto, however, did not dare to respond if he would be ready to fight today against Pacquiao.

“The fight is not right now, but in November, reason why I must be preparation”, indicated when attending the camping of summer “Policamp of San Juan”, in which to employees children of and agent of the Police of Puerto Rico participate, where he would speak on the feeding adapted in the children.

“I believe that they are the future of this country and we must build so that they can create good habits”, Cotto expressed on the matter.

Source: telemundopr.com


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    Cotto by TKO 8!!!

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    Cotto will destroy Pacquiao and claim P4P#1!

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