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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pacquiao could dominate Cotto at 143

A fight with Manny Pacquiao has become boxing's version of the golden ticket — fame and fortune will come for his next opponent.

iguel Cotto looks destined to benefit from the Pacquiao bump next. Pacquiao was ringside as Cotto recently won a close split decision over Joshua Clottey.

Immediately following the fight, promoter Bob Arum intimated that Cotto-Pacquiao would likely happen this fall. The contracts have not been signed yet, but Arum is moving forward as if the fight will take place. Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach also seems pretty warm to the idea, but wants Cotto to come down to 144 or 143.

There's where the main problem lies with this bout. Roach has been adamant that he wants Pacquiao to continue fighting no higher than 143 or 144. It is debatable whether Cotto can make this weight safely. Cotto is rather large for a welterweight, and routinely comes in well over 160 on fight night.

When he was a junior welterweight, Cotto struggled for years to make the 140-pound limit, and it began affecting his performance then. He was hurt and dropped several times, most noticeable against Ricardo Torres who almost knocked him out. These performances were blamed on Cotto's inability to make the weight safely.

If you need another example of what can happen to a weight-drained fighter, look no further than Oscar De La Hoya. Against Pacquiao, De La Hoya weighed in at 145 but only put on two pounds by fight time. He was unable to rehydrate himself properly, and had to receive several IVs. In the December fight, a sluggish De La Hoya was dominated and stopped after eight one sided rounds.

If all parties agree and this fight is signed, it may be the weight that determines the outcome. If Roach has his way and Cotto has to boil himself down to 143, the fight may be won before the boxers enter the ring. Roach knows the further down in weight Cotto comes, the weaker he will be.

Pacquiao is quicker and might actually have more miles left in the gas tank. Cotto may be starting to show signs of wear and tear, while Pacquiao is looking better than ever.

At 147, this fight appears to be an almost even match. At 144, Pacquiao would seem to be the favorite. At less than 144, it could become another lopsided Pacquiao blowout.

Source: foxsports.com


  1. 145 is reasonable for both fighters.

  2. Im all for this battle of the top warriors, but i must state my opinion.. If Pac wants to fight at welterweight, he shouldnt be demanding anyone to cut down further than they should.. 145 is pushin it for Cotto.. Its shows me that Pac is just tryn ti make it a easy fight for himself.. U people want to call him the p4p king i think thats a bunch of BS.. A king would fight a 200pounder.. He should be a man and just take the 147, lets really see what he's made of.. And IF he does win there will be NO excusses.. Cotto that low in weight is not the same and the Pac crew knows that.. I wanna see why they call Pac the p4p king, he shouldnt make cotto kill himself for it.. Dont be scared its only 2-3 lbs.

  3. Pacquiao is gay!!!! just like the pactards

  4. merely because a person is regarded as p4p king, he obliged to fight bigger men? stupid !145 is a compromise as both fighters take the risk.

  5. I'm a pac fan but i have high respect for pueto rican fighters and i don't call cotto any foul name even if i believe he will lose the fight to pac at 147.

  6. I'm a cotto fan and i think he'll ko pac even at 143.

  7. Pacquiao is overrated piece of shit!

  8. 147 is to much for pacman. cotto is big and young, to much advandage for cotto if they meet in 147 lbs, let them meet in 144 lbs, and even if they meet in 145 cotto still have the advantage, and you guys want pacman fight in 147 thas the natural weight of cotto, you gus are silly... jealous pacman haters...