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Friday, November 6, 2009

Judahs warn Manny Pacquiao: Miguel Cotto will play dirty

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LAS VEGAS--The House of Judah is divided. Super Zab Judah is picking Miguel I’m No Angel Cotto to whip Pinoy Idol Manny Pacquiao while his father and trainer, Yoel, is sticking to his prediction that Pacman will emerge the winner on Nov. 14.

One thing father and son do agree on about the Boricua Banger, though, is that an opponent starts getting to Cotto, the physically strong WBO welterweight champion will start playing dirty.

Zabby Dabby hurt Cotto early on in their June 9, 2007 fight,and Cotto hit Judah way below the belt. There was a series of excruciatingly, flagrant low blows and finally ref Arthur Mercante Jr. penalized Cotto one point.
Cotto rebounded to drop Judah in the ninth round and win on a TKO in 11.

Expect more of the same nastiness , said Yoel, when Megamanny starts cracking on Cotto.

“My son and I, we disagree, Zab has Cotto, I got Manny. But we know only too well what Cotto does when things aren’t going his way. You can fully expect some dirty tactics from him. That is his m.o.

“Cotto will hit Manny low or else he will give him a body slam like he did to Josh Clottey in his last fight. Don’t forget that he also likes to use his elbows or put the other guy in a headllock,” Yoel said Friday at The Pa,ms Resort & Casino where Zab has a stay busy PPV TV bout against solid Mexican journeyman Ubaldo Hernandez on a card also featuring Cuban cutie Joel Casamayor and up and comer Ron “The American Dream” Johnson.
Co-promoters of the event are former world champion Fernando Vargas and Johnson. Executive produce of the show is capable former Showtime marketing whiz Brian Ricco.

(Announcers on the telecast are Arnie Tokyo Rosenthal, former world champ Bobby Czyz and a guy who resembles your humble White Gorilla. The White Gori is cast as sort of a poor man’s Larry Merchant on the affordably priced $29.95 card so check your cable listings.)

“When the situation goes against him, this is what Cotto does. When Manny starts getting at him, he will get down and dirty. This is what Cotto does when he knows he is getting beat."
Pacman training Coach Freddie Roach has expressed similar comments and plans to repeat his do not let Cotto cheat position during fight week here.

The Nevada commission wisely chose its top-rated referee, smoothie Kenny Bayless, to handle the Cotto-Pacquiao main event.

If you know Bayless, you know that he will not long tolerate foul tactics by either side.

Source: examiner.com


  1. Fag Judah is just pissed that he couldn't hang with Cotto and got his ass dropped.He's lucky the ref stopped the fight before he got seriously hurt.

  2. naaah!! are you nuts? that was a clear dirty tactics from cotto.. he couldn't handle zab judah like a man. Cotto got no balls that's why he always hit judah in the balls.. LOL... Hope this would not happen to pacquiao.. Handle Pacquiao like a man Cotto.. Dont be such a pussy.. LOL.. COTTO the Hard-Hitting Balls... hahaha

  3. I find this funny, one dirty fighter claiming Cotto is the dirty one! He got wat he deserved especially since previous fights Ive ever seen Zab fight has been filled wit low blows n dirty tactics...lmao....

  4. Zab is a complainer and whiner! He lost, get over it. The shot to the nuts was early, you got punched out late. Retire old man....your career is over.