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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pacquiao, fans all set for 'Firepower'

pacquiao vs cotto
MANILA – The world’s best pound-for-pound boxer, Manny Pacquiao, declared that he is primed to take on WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto on Saturday in Las Vegas (Sunday in Manila).

“Ready to fight na, it’s all set,” Pacquiao told ABS-CBN News.

Asked about his present state, he answered: “Kundisyon ko ngayon, okay naman.”

The Philippines’ prized fighter already arrived in Las Vegas after a 6-hour long road trip. He is currently staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Meantime, American trainer Freddie Roach said he stands by his prediction that his ward will prevail over Cotto.

“Knockout as always,” he remarked.

The Trainer of Year recipient also revealed their strategy: “Going to the body is a good way to kill someone.”

Selling like hotcakes

Pacquiao’s fans in the Philippines, meantime, are gearing for the much-awaited fight which is expected to draw a sold-out crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Several cinemas and restaurants revealed that tickets to the “Firepower” screening are almost sold out.

The Gerry’s Grill restaurant along Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City disclosed that boxing fans will not be able to buy tickets from the branch anymore. Only a few Gerry’s Grill branches have some tickets for sale. The ticket is priced at P600, which includes breakfast.

Another restaurant in Quezon City, Daungan, offers a P450 ticket which also includes breakfast.

SM North EDSA, meantime, revealed that 80% of the “Firepower” tickets have been sold. A ticket costs P551. The total number of tickets sold by SM malls nationwide has reached 22,900.

Other “Pacman” fans can also watch the Pacquiao-Cotto fight in Ayala Cinemas where the ticket price ranges from P600 to P700.

Those who refuse to shell out money for the fight can still watch their sports idol slug it out against his Puerto Rican opponent. Various free screenings will be held at sports centers and coliseums in the Metro.

Aside from the Pacquiao-Cotto clash, other fights included in “Firepower” are Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. vs Troy Rowland, Yuri Foreman vs Daniel Santos, and Alfonso Gomez vs Jesus Soto-Karass. – With reports from Dyan Castillejo, ABS-CBN News and Sol Aragones, ABS-CBN News

Source: abs-cbnnews.com


  1. we, here in calgary we are all set too, we order pay-per-view four days before the fight and friends come over to watch our hero pacman, a very generous man in the world and always believe that all things come from GOD.we pray and hope for pacman's victory and GOD guide him in the fight.so we are all ready to cheer pacman's victory. GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. Its a gud thing wen you belive in GOD.But GOD is not involve in BOXING.YOU dipend on GOD for other things.Manny is not GOD he is a Man.

  3. By: Kirk Guerrero (Australia Pinoy)

    Cotto, just put his name on a que to PACMANS land. KO round 4th and 5th rounds.

    Cotto's weakness are obvious. Manny has mastered them. You will see how Manny torn Cotto to pieces. And at the end of the fight. Pacman will say to Cotto, Erik Morales, Marquez, David Diaz, Delahoya and Ricky Hatton are waiting for you to my Pacland. Hahaha

  4. Clearly didn't get the idea of what the other one said. He did not said that Pac is a GOD. He is simply saying Pac believes that everything he has right now, everything he achieved was all thanks to God. And why would you say God is not involve in boxing?? It's like saying God is involved in everything except boxing.. Did you even read the comment?? Sounds like you just glanced at it because you hate pac fans so much that what ever they say stirs you up..

    As for the article... Free viewing are available everywhere actually...you just need to get there earlier.. hehe...

    No stupid post please...BTW this is not an SMS... so please practice typing the right spelling... "gud"?? "dipend"?? bisaya ka man dung?? tangna mo gagu... hahaha...

  5. Easy fight for Pacman. He can connect at Cotto at will the WHOLE round and even can take Cotto's punches.

    Talking w/ Cotto's punching speed:
    Cotto is too SLOOOW for Pacman. I expected that Cotto will be slow
    but when i watch the fight. Cotto is much MORE SLOW than i expected.
    Cotto's had come against speedy opponents before and beat them.
    But Pacman is different.
    Pacman has the speed and ACCURACY w/ his punches. not just punches but LOTS of punches.
    If Pacman had the speed and accuracy then he can deliver effectively his firepower.
    Or trade punches.
    "you give me 1 power punch then i trade with 3 power punches"
    then whose the winner?
    it may not be a knockdown but still earning points.
    Win by knockdown or by decision is just the same. Its still a win!

    As everyone says,
    Cotto throws his knockout punch this Sunday
    This punch will expected to land on Tuesday.
    That too slow!
    Coz compare to Pacman, he throws his knockout punch today and it will expected to land on the same day.
    One point in a fight about mid and late rounds Pacman urges Cotto to trade punches.
    Like "Common bring it on" Common lets trade punches!
    as Cotto start moving away from Pacman around the ring. (back bicycle)
    I can read Cotto's face saying:
    No NO NO, Im losing the trade of punches! I can't take it any more! I need to survive till 12 rounds"

    Talking w/ Cotto's power:
    I notice Pacman at one point of a time just dare to take punches from Cotto,
    Pacman is not insane!
    because he knows that he can take those or trade to Cotto's punches.

    Talking about Cotto's chin:
    BEFORE the fight i predict this fight will be winning by decision. No knockdowns.
    As both sides can take strong punches and a had a thin chance of a knockdown.

    DURING the fight I never Expect this and i hate to say, but Cotto's has been knocked down by Manny!
    A legitimate knockdown (not a slip!) that make Cotto's hit his gloves in the canvass.
    Where's the durable chin now?

    During Cotto's knockdown:
    I can see at Cotto's face saying,
    "this is not a joke! He's got the EFFECTIVE combination and SPEEED to deliver his firepower,
    Manny is too slippery for me. I CAN't hit him with better shots. How can i deliver my own firepower?"
    The last question is the Big question fo Cotto!

    Talking w/ Cotto's jabs:
    I found Cotto's jabs more strong, efficient and stingy. but it's not that effective against a moving
    target like Pacman. It would hit Manny, and yes it stunned Pacman, several times during the fight.
    but jabs cannot knockdown a boxer like Pacman. Be REAL!
    Cotto's needs not just jabs and combinations to deliver his power
    but jab and GOOD EFFECTIVE combination.
    This is a trainers job..

    Cotto's Trainer:
    Manny has a good trainer than Cotto.
    Roach has more experience in teaching Manny what is the most EFFECTIVE combination.
    Like selecting the right weapon in the fight. Cotto's trainer doesnt have.
    Somebody still dont know that boxing is also a mind game and teamwork.
    Chances of winning starts at the training camp and finishes in the ring! its a team effort.

    Manny training camp has the right people to unleash his strenght against his opponents.
    Cotto had two trainers. you may 2, 5, 10 trainers. but are they the right ones?
    Experience had serve at it's BEST!

    PACMAN has:
    SPEED - Before The fight Cotto still underestimate this advantages of Pacman.
    Cotto believes that he beat speedy opponents before.

    But he forget to consider that together with speed theres something else after the word:



    SPEED w/ ADJUSTMENT (type of opponent)


    and it KILLS!
    you may had the firepower but sluggishnes and imprecise where to hit your target is not effective boxing.
    you can take and TOLERATE those accurate and power punches
    You can stand on power punches.
    you have a durable chin for power punches.
    but this is not the way of winning a round in boxing.
    Others may say that its also effective in tiring your opponents.
    BUT PACMAN is a promising 12 rounder boxer!

  6. Everyone always questioning the punching power of Pacman compared to Cotto.

    But as the fight ends you can see it on Cotto's bloody face.
    more convincing when he knock the big COTTO.

    much embarrassing for COTTO's fans

    Cotto's had the power.
    yes he had it.
    But he doesn't know how to land it on Pacmans face!

    This was speed all about. Now i hope you all understand..