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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pacquiao, Cotto arrive in Vegas

Source: fightnews.com

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  1. of course pacman is in focus for the fight, typhoon is over and pacman already donate for the victims, what happen in the philippines is already happened so everything is gonna be okey and this coming fight on nov 14 is another thing to accomplish and his focus is always there and he is ready whatever it takes and he is always positive that he can beat cotto for this coming fight night.whatever is the comment of cotto fans is not big deal for pacman, the only thing on pacman's mind is to win the fight and have a big celebration after the fight.he is already tested and proven that he can beat bigger guy like cotto, like he did to dela hoya and hatton and diaz,cotto is just a fourth version of these three guys and the same story will happen to cotto on nov. 14.it doesn't matter how big is cotto well in fact his power can knock down a junior middleweight.he is confident of his power and speed but i am sure he will not over confident on the fight but use the game plan and focus on the weakness of cotto until pacman got him.