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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Roach Predicts Manny Pacquiao to Win by Knockout in Round 1, 9, and 10

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Top boxing columnist King J had the honor of interviewing Team Pacquiao at the Wild Card Boxing gym in Los Angeles on Oct. 30, just two weeks before the biggest fight of the year: Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto.

The highly anticipated super mega fight is taking place on Nov. 14, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. King J asked for predictions on the upcoming fight from trainer Buboy Fernandez, Manny’s brother Bobby Pacquiao, Manny’s advisor Michael Koncz, and of course the legendary three time trainer of the year, head trainer Freddie Roach. King J asked Roach everything, from the recent HBO 24/7 drama, an official prediction of the Pacquiao vs. Cotto fight, Manny’s workout routine, to training UFC legends Andrei Arlovski, Anderson Silva, and BJ Penn.

A video of the interview has gained much popularity on YouTube titled: New Exclusive Interview with Team Pacquiao.

The following is a transcription of the interview with Roach.

King J: First of all how are you doing?

Freddie Roach: Everything’s good. Long day a little tired. I did 15 rounds of mitts with Manny Pacquiao and 10 right after that with Amir Khan so they keep me busy.

KJ: Nice. What would you say out of 100 percent is Manny both mentally and physically at this point?

FR: 95

KJ: Nighty-five percent both mentally and physically despite what the media is saying with all the distractions?

FR: We have distractions all the time, some me and Manny drive off of. Does distractions give us problems? No. We train every day, work every day, we work through typhoons, we do what we have to do.

KJ: Yes sir. I recall you said initially it would be a competitive fight and probably go almost the distance and then more recently you said Manny is going to blow away Cotto early on.

FR: The way Manny is punching right now in training camp and his power at this weight. I’ve never seen him hit harder. I feel he is going to knock Cotto out.

KJ: Can you give us a round sir?

FR: I am going to bet…one, nine, and 10.

KJ: Wow. Yeah you have been very, very great at picking the rounds. I remember you picked the David Diaz fight to the round. You also said you would be surprised if the fight with Ricky Hatton goes past the second round, and we all know how that story ended [laughs].

FR: Three...I did say three(Freddie smiles and holds up three fingers).

KJ: If you do not mind me asking, is your relationship with Manny as strong as can be, or was that a lot of HBO hype or are you able to comment on that?

FR: Oh no we had a little problem the day I wanted to leave with that typhoon and Manny came to his senses and called me at midnight that night and we hit the road. Luckily we did get out cause the typhoon did hit three days later and they did close down the roads again. We all had the attitude it’s not going to hit us. But it was real, and I felt I had a large responsibility with HBO being there, my sparring partners, and all the guys so I felt the safest thing was to get out and away from the storm. That was the decision that I made and by midnight Manny came to the same conclusion. I told him its midnight its late and to wait till the crack of down and he said no lets leave now so he left at midnight.

KJ: So that was pretty real then. Pretty accurate?

FR: Oh it’s all real. There’s nothing fake in that show. Nothing scripted.

Source: bleacherreport.com

1 comment:

  1. Pacman wins!

    Everyone always questioning the punching power of Pacman compared to Cotto.

    But as the fight ends you can see it on Cotto's bloody face.
    more convincing when he knock the big COTTO.

    much embarrassing for COTTO's fans

    Cotto's had the power.
    yes he had it.
    But he doesn't know how to land it on Pacmans face!

    This was speed all about. Now i hope you all understand..