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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The all action war between Cotto- Pacquiao and more

Firepower- Miguel Cotto vs. Manny Pacquiao- So it's official, Finally!! The all action war between Cotto and Pacquiao is set. From the e-mails that I have read so far, it appears that most Diamondboxing readers believe that Pacquiao is going to smash Cotto. What do I think? Well, I strongly feel that Pacquiao must do his work going in and out as he did against De La Hoya, do not allow Cotto to get set. For Cotto to win, now this all depends on his conditioning, I mean if making 145 didn't totally drain him, I feel that if Cotto has no problem or has very little problem making the 145 limit that any plan that Pacquiao has could get toasted. A flush shot from a strong Cotto can very well change any Pacquiao plan, everyone has a plan until they get hit. Here's to an electrifying, exciting night on November 14th. Firepower.

Source: diamondboxing.com

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