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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fire Power: Manny Pacquiao Vs Miguel Cotto

Finally Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao agreed to fight each other on Nov. 14. The much anticipated fight of the fall. Bob Arum, promoter of both fighters, said that both parties verbally agreed on the conditions of the contract.

Hopefully by the time this article is published the contract has Pacquiao and Cotto signatures on the dotted lines.

I can't wait to see the fight. Both fighters are warriors and fighters on the ring and gentlemen when outside the ring. And neither of them are cocky, they always let their fists speak for themselves. They are both true champions and pride of their own country.

Many people are already counting Cotto out. Skeptics say that he is no longer the same fighter he once was when beaten by Antonio Margarito, his only lost. But I say he is still dangerous especially for Pacquiao, who used to be a 106 pounder in early of his career. Otherwise, Cotto would no longer be the champion by this time.

Against Joshua Clottey, he maybe not that impressive because the cut he got on the early stage. But he still managed to win it. If other boxers were in his shoes they could have lost it, look at Pacquiao when he fought Eric Morales the first time.

The only thing that, I personally think, is not appropriate is to put Miguel Cotto's welterweight title on the line. To meet Cotto, who is a natural 147 pounder, at a catch weight of 145 lbs. and putting his title on the line is too much to ask. Pacquiao will have the lion share of the money and having Cotto agreed at a catch weight is more than enough. Besides even if Cotto pulls an upset I don't think Cotto would be recognized as the epic pound for pound king. The winner of the Mayweather-Marquez fight will definitely be on the debate on who's the holder of the epic title that is if Pacquiao is defeated by Miguel Cotto.

This might be the biggest payday for Miguel Cotto. If he wins, he will have the bragging rights and can even call out Mayweather, assuming Mayweather survived against Marquez. The long awaited fight of Cotto-Mayweather could still materialize. Sssshh! I heard somebody's shouting for Pacquiao-Maywether! Who knows what's next in boxing? That's why boxing is still more popular than UFC because of these unpredictable fighters.

Back to reality, here is the tale of the tape of Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto:

Manny Pacquiao (Career Stats: 49 wins - 37 by KOs, 3 losses, 2 draws Age: 30 Height: 5'6.5" Reach: 67" Neck: 16" Chest (Normal) : 38" Chest (Expanded): 40.5" Bicep: 13" Forearm: 12" Wrist: 8" Fist: 10" Waist: 28" Thigh: 20" Calf: 15")

Miguel Cotto (Career Stats: 34 wins - 27 by Kos, 1 loss, no draws Age: 28 Height: 5'7" Reach: 67" Neck: 16" Chest (Normal): 39" Chest (Expanded): 41" Bicep: 13" Forearm: 11.5" Wrist: 7.5" Fist: 11" Waist: 32" Thigh: 22.5" Calf: 12")

Place your bets people. Come Nov. 14th is the true fight. Let's get ready to rumble!!!

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