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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A case of one world crown too many?

NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL FILIPINO boxing fans, regardless of age and creed, to come to the aid of promoter cum laude Bob Arum.

Let's all join hands and save Arum from himself.

While there's still time, let's march to have Manny Pacquiao's forthcoming bout with Miguel Cotto officially declared a world welterweight championship.

* * *

Cut it, please.

What you just read was the first part of a column originally meant to share in the monumental protest mounted by the eminent Michael Marley, when he called on fight fans to shake Arum back to reality.

What sparked Mr. Marley's indignation was an uncharacteristic quote from Arum, who tried to undermine the sublime significance of a world title belt being staked in the Nov. 14 showdown in Las Vegas.

* * *

"Nobody in the US cares about it," Arum was quoted as stating against the importance of a Pacquiao-Cotto world title bout.

Either Mr. Marley was on his third margarita or driving home, but the stunning quote must've tasted like a spoiled lemon in his drink.

It was an atrocity that should be stricken out of a future Arum bio.

"He's already over 70," said WBO president Paco Valcarcel, "and Mr. Arum sometimes says things he [doesn't] mean."

* * *

OK, the rest of that original column that barked against Arum's insensitivity had to be junked.

Instead, here's an assurance from Mr. Marley, who yesterday wrote on boxingconfidential.com that "Arum has folded like a $5 umbrella."

Arum has vowed to make sure the Pacquiao-Cotto fight at 145 pounds will be for the WBO welterweight crown, Mr. Marley wrote.

* * *

The indignation was inevitable.

Not only was Arum in the strongest and best position to process the staging of the world title bout.

As Pacquiao's promoter, he should've been in the lead pack to see to it that the RP superhero achieves what has never been done in world boxing before.

After taking away crowns from Sasakul (flyweight), Ledwabah (super bantamweight), Barrera (featherweight), Marquez (junior lightweight), Diaz (lightweight), Hatton (junior welterweight), Pacquiao is strongly favored to also wrest Cotto's welter crown, which should count as the Pacman's seventh title in seven weight divisions.

* * *

Well, as for Michael Marley, he must've overshot his tequila quota musing on what had caused Arum to lose grip.

It was not the Arum who, as one pundit put it, always had a sparkling quote to turn the dullest prospects into a best seller.

OK, maybe it was a case of one crown too many.

Not many boxing fans here in Manila have realized it, but the Marley call to action generated a total of 17, 489 enrollees in less than three days (at mlcmarley@aol.com).

He does not say it, but it goes without saying Sir Michael agreed to turn activist in order to prevent dear Uncle Bob, 77, from being totally unfair to himself.

Source: inquirer.net

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