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Friday, July 24, 2009

Sugar in Cotto's bowl makes Pacquiao title issue vanish

It’s a bubbling cauldron now. You can see that on the comments section underneath my columns and everywhere else on the Internet.

Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto is en fuego in a raging way that, for example, the Juan Manuel Marquez-Floyd Mayweeather bout is not.

The Pinoys and the Puerto Ricans are going at it hammer and tong already and promoter Bob Arum and the MGM Grand have not even put the tickets for the Nov. 14 megabout on sale.

Here’s one fight where the great fans of Mexico can sit on the sidelines and just savor what is sure to be a crowdpleasing bout.

Arum is bubbly, talking about a $9 million live gate and possibly hitting the million buys mark on PPV TV.

So the flames are high and the promotional soup is cooking fast.

But, hey waiter, what is that fly doing in my Cotto-Pacman soup?

Waiter: Looks like the backstroke to me, sir.

The fly is the fact, as I reported Wednesday, that as of now Cotto does not wish to put his WBO welterweight title on the line.

Now it’s up to Arum to spread the love, I mean the money, so that Cotto plays ball on a title defense.

I just don’t think you will press conferences on Sept. 9 in Los Angeles, the next day in New York and Sept. 12 in Puerto Rico where Arum and the combatants will want to be fielding questions about why Cotto’s crown is not at risk.

That would be awkward and embarrassing, really, when the solution is for Uncle Bob, just as he did with Pacquiao’s hesitation at a 145 pound limit, to go into his deep pockets and throw a bit of sugar into the Cotto sugar bowl.

Once Arum does that, voila, the problem is solved.

Pacman will be introduced as the challenger and Cotto as the defending and reigining champion.

What can’t be overlooked is that it’s really Packy who is defending the more prestigious title, the mythical but always mentioned Pound for Pound King of the Ring title.

Which reminds me, why doesn’t some smart sponsor create such a P4P belt and present it to Pacman?

Hey, I’m just trying to help Uncle Bob square things with Cotto.

Every extra nickel and dime will help.

Final note: For some of you newbies, a welterweight is anyone who officially weighs anywhere above 140 pounds and a maximum of 147 pounds.

The “catch weight” provision in the Pacquiao-Cotto contracts at 145 is not a concern as to the WBO title.

I can tell you who the WBO will be rooting for and that’s a Pinoy named Pacquiao.

Sure, the WBO is headed by Boricua Paco Valcarcel and sure the home office is on the island.
But you know that Paco and his crew dream of having a standard bearer like Pacquaio wearing the WBO belt.

In case you haven’t noticed, Pacquiao is a money magnet.

Source: examiner.com

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