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Thursday, July 23, 2009

WBO: Cotto has to pay sanction fee

When you have 15 mills, what a belt Matter?. This could be the approach, of WBO WelterWeight Champion, Miguel Cotto, who does not want to put at stake his crown against the filipino Manny Pacquiao on November 14 in Las Vegas as part of the terms for mega-event.

However, yesterday the president of the WBO, Francisco Valcarcel was emphatic in stating that even if the title is or not at stakes, Cotto must pay the agency a 'sanction fee' of 3% of the stock exchange up to $150K.

"The fight can be 140 pounds or 147 but for us they will be fighting for the title," said emphatically Valcárcel. "Since I spoke with Bob Arum that while we were in New Jersey. I think the only one who does not want to fight for the title is Gabriel Peñagaricano Cotto's lawyer. But they have to pay the 'fee' in any way. I do not know what the approach Peñagarícano on the matter and if you do as a lawyer and as Secretary of the Council (World Boxing Council), "said an expert on laws.

Cotto allegedly will earn a bag of $ 12 million deal with Pacquiao and another $ 3 million from sales of 'pay-per-view', in what would be the best pay of his career.

This means you pay a 'fee' of up to $ 150 thousand to the WBO even if you do not want to put the title on the line, as explained Valcárcel.

"You have to pay the penalty in any form. They need our approval to fight. For us, the title is at stake in this fight, he is our champion and he has to pay the penalty, "he said.

For his part, Cotto's lawyer, Gabriel Peñagarícano Valcárcel expected to meet today for discussing the important issue.

"This will be a fight outside title. Do not be exhibiting, "said Peñagarícano. "Neither is entering discussions with the OMB," he said.

Source: vocero.com


  1. if coward pacman wants the belt he should fight at 147!!!!

  2. If cotto wants a big payday he should put this title on the line.Period.147 is the welterweight limit.Even if they fought in 141 it still a welterweight bout.He is the champ come on champ dont be chicken.They are afraid of pacman,and ODLH is also behind it whispering cotto's not to put title in the line.

  3. dlh is a joke, but pacquaio, a coward? tsk, tsk, someones in his own little "pacmanhating world". Im tired of all of these people saying why dont pac go up weight, why is that only the issue? why cant cotto shred some? so its ok for a smaller man to put on pounds, but for a bigger guy to put on weight is out of discussion? geeze, or maybe cotto's a little worried he might lose the belt? coz guaranteed if cotto was to step in the ring with pac, pac wouldnt be too scared to put his on the line, think about it.

  4. hey stupid and ignorant filipinos!!!

    its Pac who called out Cotto and wants the wbo belt. so Pac should fight at 147.

  5. haha, makin a fool outta yourself there, relax man. bout to get a heart attack there, damn it sucks that you wanna get all racist here, ignorant much?