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Friday, September 11, 2009

Cotto: I’m not Hatton

Miguel Cotto will be the first one to line up to watch that sensational knockout punch Manny Pacquiao delivered to send Ricky Hatton to dreamland.

“The punch he hit Hatton with would have taken down Mike Tyson,” Cotto told the Los Angeles Times during the New York press launch of their megabuck bout on Nov. 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Cotto was referring to the beauty of a looping left that sent yet another future Hall-of-Famer to imminent retirement.

The Hatton bout came after Pacquiao welded Oscar De La Hoya to his corner stool in the eighth round of their Dec. 6, 2008 clash, also in Las Vegas.

But Cotto isn’t Mike Tyson. And as the Puerto Rican WBO welterweight champ declared to LA Times: “I’m not De La Hoya or Hatton.”

“He won’t find me that easy,” said Cotto. “My mind is my best weapon.”

Meanwhile, in the same press briefing at the new Yankee Stadium, Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach said he wants another shot at Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.

“I want one more shot,” Roach said. “I want Manny to beat him so they will stop whining about the other fights and just shut up.”

Marquez, who has had a one-loss, one-draw record against Pacquiao, insists that he won the bout.

But while Floyd Mayweather-Marquez is irreversibly linked to Pacquiao-Cotto, a fight between the Filipino, the reigning pound-for-pound king, against any of the two fighters in the other card will be tough to make.

For one, Pacquiao believes Marquez will not survive Mayweather.

“[Mayweather is] too big,” Pacquiao told reporters in New York.

Source: inquirer.net

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