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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Roach now thinks Pacquiao Won’t be knocking Cotto out

By Manuel Perez: Well, it’s somewhat of a surprise to see that Freddie Roach has revised his previous knockout prediction for Manny Pacquiao over Miguel Cotto. Roach was saying that Pacquiao was going to destroy Cotto without too many problems, but now Roach is whistling a different tune after seeing video of Cotto fighting.

“I won’t think we’ll knock Cotto out. I think It’ll go the distance and we are going to win very rounds,” Roach says. What I don’t understand is the “we” part. The way that Roach makes it sound, he’s going to be out there in the ring with Pacquiao catching shots while he’s freed up to throw his punches unencumbered. Earth to Roach. You’re not going to be there, so spare me with the ‘we’ comments.

I think Pacquiao is going to wish that Roach was out there helping him before this fight is over, because Cotto is going to be beating the living stuffing out of Pacquiao on November 14th. It’ll serve Roach right having Pacquiao get leveled and brought back down to earth, because Roach should have been watching tapes on Cotto a long time ago before blessing the fight.

Seriously, I doubt that Roach was even brought into the decision making when the Cotto-Pacquiao bout was dreamed up. Although to hear Roach talk, you’d think he was the mastermind behind it all. I think this was a Arum-Pacquiao decision completely.

I’d like to think that Roach knew enough about how good Cotto is to warn Pacquiao and Arum away from fighting Cotto, but after this admission from Roach that he’s just now sitting down to watch video tapes of Cotto, I’m not so certain.

I bet Roach is panicking now about what to do to try and prepare Pacquiao for Cotto. He knows that Pacquiao is in for a world of hurt in this fight, and that’s why Roach is having coronary trying to get Pacquiao into training camp so quickly. Roach knows that Cotto is a whole lot better than the poor opponents that Pacquiao has been feasting on lately and he looks like he’s stressing out over it in a major way.

I can’t blame Roach. If Pacquiao was my fighter, I’d be worried to. Roach will lose a lot of his clout when Pacquiao is beaten and he probably won’t be considered a genius like some people think he is now. I have no idea why they think Roach is a genius. Pacquiao hasn’t beaten anyone good for ages.

I actually can’t find one good fighter on Pacquiao’s entire record, other than Juan Manuel Marquez, who Pacquiao should have lost to twice. Erik Morales was a great fighter and he beat Pacquiao in 2005. But in their rematches, Morales was weight drained and in no condition to fight.

Of course Pacquiao is going to win under those circumstances. Marco Antonio Barrera was a great fighter, but by the time that Pacquiao had fought him, Barrera had been through too many wars and was starting to show signs of deteriorating skills.

So, basically I don’t see Pacquiao having any real wins over quality fighters in their prime. Roach is going to have to try and prepare Pacquiao against a type of fighter that Pacquiao has never fought before. Cotto is bigger than Marquez, with better power. He’s also more popular, so if the fight is close, Cotto will have a better chance to get the win. It won’t come to that, though, because I see Cotto knocking the Filipino out.

Source: boxingnews24.com


  1. Perez needs to STFU...your story is old, you hate the pacman, ok then. Roach wanted Mosley or Cotto if they down to 142, because he knows his fighter, and would be too dangerous for Pacquiao if they can't go down to 142. I don't know what Arum told Pacquiao when they watch the Cotto-Clottey fight, but if Pacquiao loses on Nov...simply because they didn't listen to Roach and Cotto was too big.

  2. hey, don't underestimate the power of pacman,he has explosive power once it landed cotto will take a break attacking him,don't be negative, he is already tested and proven that he can beat bigger guy like cotto.de la hoya is bigger than cotto and the record of dela hoya is not a joke compare to cotto and besides that dela hoya has alot of experience in the ring than cotto, the only thing that pacman beat these bigger guys because he has an awkward style that no other boxer has.i believe pacman will use this kind of style in the ring against cotto if he knock down marquez he can do that to cotto too.marquez is just kind of a tough guy i ever saw.cotto has been knock down or wobble in some of his fights before so there is still possibility that pacman can knock down cotto, in the long run pacman might see the openning and it will be a the right time to knock out cotto.

  3. Manuela is just a Mexican freak because all Mexican boxers was beat up by Pacman. That's why he hate Pacman. They need to send Zorro to ring to fight Pacman. Zorro is only Mexican person might have a 20% chance to win against Pacman. lol

  4. I agree 100%!
    It's so clear and biased how he says stuff about this?
    who are you dude?
    Com' on are you even a freakin' boxing to say that?
    But again due respect to cotto and what's he's done, but pacquaio fought a lot of good fighters too, you forgot about that?
    So watch out, you might be wrong in your predictions, after all this two is fighting for their respective country, i might be even right if you're not a puertorican or filipino.
    If I were you, keep your opinion to yourelf.

  5. :) I like that Zorro fighting Pacman... That's a good one, I actually will give Zorro a 10% chance of winning against the Pacman...

    I don't know what boxing fights have you been watching, lets compare the facts:

    Pacman's Last five Opponents:
    Ricky Hatton - W TKO 2
    Oscar De La Hoya -W TKO 8
    David Diaz - W TKO 9
    Juan Manuel Marquez - W SD 12
    Marco Antonio Barrera - W UD 12

    *All title holders 4 of them will likely going to be on the Boxing Hall of Fame.

    Cotto's Last five Opponents:
    Joshua Clottey - W SD 12
    Michael Jennings - W TKO 5
    Antonio Margarito - L TKO 11
    Alfonso Gomez - W RTD 5
    Shane Mosley - W UD 12

    * The only fighter that is familiar is Shane Mosley, the rest are all unproven-unknown fighters.

    Freddy Roach will never sign up Pacman for a fight that he is not sure Pacman is ready for. Pacman is the same, he won't sign-up for a fight without Freddy Roach's blessing... That is how tight they are and that is why they keep winning fights... So, squash your conspiracy theory that Freddy Roach did not have anything to do with Pacman fighting Cotto.

    Cotto will destroy Pacman is another conspiracy theory, on the contrary, Pacman will annihilate Cotto, he is the perfect opponent for Pacman's speed, agility and footwork. Pacman will come in-and-out and will break down and frustrate Cotto... Like Sugar Ray Leonard said, you can't hit what you can't see. Pacman will use the same fight plan when he fought Diaz....

    Pacman is at the top of his game right now, his got that Aura "Agimat" encapsulating him that makes him invincible. He can't be beat, not by Cotto and not by Mayweather.

    Let me educate you when it comes to the politics of boxing... Pacman does not have to fight Cotto, he could have waited for the winner of Mayweather and Marquez, he will surely loss more than what he will gain by fighting Cotto. But Pacman is a proud fighter, a "Mandirigma" warrior, he does not like to sit around and wait for his belt to be handed to him. He earned all his belt like he will earn Cotto's belt and in the future, Mayweather's belt to close up his boxing career, on top of his game...

    Pacman will win and I myself will bet my livelihood for this fight, that's how sure I am that he will win.... and if you were smart, I'd bet against Cotto also...

    "Cotto might be the man but Pacman is and will be the champ"


  6. Manuala Perez is bought so people will read his less villain role to discredit PACMAN's accomplishments over the years. He must be a Marquez informant. Deep inside, I really think he is the biggest #1 p4p king lover of Manny Pacquaio. He's having a hard time to admit the truth. Come out little Manuelaaaaa... LOL!

  7. Look Manuella Pee-rez! I know you're one of those jealous people about Pacman. Itching,hoping that everytime Pacman steps into the ring he'll get his ass beaten up or worst. See people like you gets beat up not physically but emotionally and mentally everytime Pacquiao gets his hands raised up and the end of the fight. I feel sorry for you.
    You can put anybody infront of dela Hoya,Hatton,Diaz,Marpeez,Barrera or Morales but nobody will beat them like what Pacquiao did. NOBODY will beat them in exciting, at the edge of your seat, nail biting,thrilling,punching someone sitting next to you passion like Pacquiao did. Either they're weight drained or head first fighters NOBODY will or has PERFORMED like Manny. NOT even Floyd jr. or Marpeez and you know this.
    Sounds like you're Man enough and wrote this blog I hope you're also Man enough to say SORRY after Nov. 14.

  8. I agree with all of you,Mr. Perez ..or should I say Maricon Perez is bias in his/her comments for insulting all the boxers Manny fought wich Pac himself respected.I bet Mr. Perez lost a lot for betting against Pacman..get over it dude!

  9. You are a pathetic writer... Get a Life.

  10. Manuel, you are taken for a ride by Roach. Psywar is one of the game of Roach.

  11. Mr. Perez,if you are right in your opinion,then you are living in twilight zone.In fairness with you,yeah sometimes truth hurts and hard to swallow but right now Manny is the most exciting boxer and his title of best P4P is a reality! So dude,come down and join us in the reality world,snap out of it!

  12. YEEAH! PAC is the MAN!

  13. miguelita de puta! i have friends in Abu Sayyaf and i will have them cut your head off with a bread knife if do not shut the fuck up!!

  14. It's a shame that ignorance and bias drives this person's writings. Pacquiao is taking on the toughest opponents and this may be a surprise to this ignorant biased writer, but fans want and deserve to see the top fighters make themselves face the toughest fighters. That is exactly what is missing in boxing and it seems he is knocking Pacquiao for doing so. Boxing has turned into a game of make as much money with the least amount of risk, and get out. Win or Lose, Pacquiao is showing he is willing to face people that may very well beat him, and that is why he is the best thing for boxing right now.