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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Manny wary of left hook

BAGUIO CITY — Manny Pacquiao will have to resort to hit-and-run tactics to negate whatever advantages Miguel Cotto enjoys in heft, height and strength, according to the Filipino superstar’s American trainer, Freddie Roach.

Roach said Pacquiao’s speed will also ruin Cotto’s fighting style when the two collide for the Puerto Rican’s World Boxing Organization welterweight crown on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas.

“We have to make sure that he wouldn’t be able to put both his feet on the ground and land his punches,” said Roach, adding they are wary of Cotto’s left hook, said to be the most dangerous punch in his arsenal.

Pacquiao is also firming up his torso so that Cotto’s body shots will not sting as much, Roach said.

The General Santos City lefty has added “abs crunches” as part of his training regimen at the Shape Up boxing gym here, where Team Pacquiao is expected to stay for about six weeks.

Roach said they are also devising ways to outthink Cotto.

“Cotto’s got his great left hook and he’s smart,” he said.

Pacquiao said his training will focus more on strategy in thwarting the bigger Cotto.

“I am a boxer,” Pacquiao said. “I already know the power of my punches. I need more strategy.”

Roach said he wants his prized ward to dictate the pace of the fight and “not let Cotto do it.”

Pacquiao jogged at Camp John Hay yesterday, disappointing joggers and tourists who were expecting to see their idol again at Burnham Park.

Employees at the City Hall earlier mobbed Pacquiao when he and his team visited Mayor Reinaldo Bautista Jr. at past 10 a.m. yesterday.

At a news conference held after Pacquiao and his entourage left, Bautista said the boxer also inquired about good schools in Baguio.

“He may be considering transferring his children here to study,” said Bautista.

Source: inquirer.net

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