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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pacquiao set for fight of his life against Cotto

NEW YORK — Manny Pacquiao expects his speed will make the difference over Miguel Cotto's superior size in their November showdown, but the Puerto Rican fighter warned Thursday that "I'm not Ricky Hatton."

Philippines star Pacquiao, boxing's pound-for-pound king after beating Oscar de la Hoya in 2008, knocked out Britain's Hatton with a devastating left hook last May, a blow Pacquiao called the best of his career.

"I'm not Oscar de la Hoya. I'm not Ricky Hatton. I'm Miguel Cotto. Everyone knows what Miguel Cotto is capable of doing," Cotto said.

"I'm going to train the hardest in my career. I'm just trying to get myself fit enough to capitalize on any mistakes."

"Pac-Man", 49-3 with two drawn and 37 knockouts, will face the Puerto Rican star, 34-1 with 27 knockouts, on November 14 in Las Vegas in a welterweight showdown. A promotional tour for the fight launched Thursday at Yankee Stadium.

"I'm very excited. This is going to be a great fight," Pacquiao said. "I know Miguel Cotto is bigger and stronger than me but I will do my best to give a good effort.
"My speed is my advantage. Size is not a big difference. He's a little bigger than me but what's in the heart is what makes the difference."

Cotto swiftly countered verbally the way he hopes to physically in the ring.
"No matter how much speed he has, when you have good defense, you can stop speed," Cotto said. "He's coming to my division. He thinks he's going to be stronger than a guy who fights at 147?"

Pacquiao called Cotto the strongest fighter he has ever faced and trainer Freddie Roach made it clear the Asian star knows he is facing a supreme test.
"I'm getting Manny ready for the fight of his life," Roach said. "We've got our work cut out for us."

Pacquiao, who has captured world titles in six different weight classes, was at ringside in New York in June when Cotto won a decision over Josh Clottey, improving to 6-for-6 at Madison Square Garden.

"I'm impressed. He's strong and he can punch," Pacquiao said. "I study the style of my opponent and apply some techniques to beat him.

"I saw some weaknesses in Cotto but I won't tell you what I saw."

Pacquiao said he expects unbeaten US star Floyd Mayweather to down Mexico's Juan Manuel Marquez in their September 19 fight in Las Vegas, possibly setting the stage for a mega-fight with the American if the Flipino hero beats Cotto.

"Floyd has the advantage for this fight because he is faster. Floyd can beat Marquez because he is faster and stronger," Pacquiao said. "Both fighters, I can fight them. Right now Miguel Cotto is inside my head but talk to me after."

Cotto's only loss came last year to Antonio Margarito, who was suspended after his trainer was found to have put hardened pads in the Mexican fighter's gloves before a January bout against Shane Mosley.

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