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Thursday, September 10, 2009

First encounter in New York between Cotto and Pacquiao

New York - The champion Miguel Cotto was on Thursday, their first "confrontation" with the best pound for pound the world, Filipino Manny Pacquiao, the first stop of the tour promoting the fight between the two to be held on 14 November in Las Vegas.

The new Yankee system Stadium of New York served as scene for the encounter, and hundreds of fanatics, in their great majority Puerto Rican, met to support the gladiators. The press conference passed of calm way, and when the moment arrived for speaking, both p├║giles thanked for the opportunity to face one the other and they abstained to mount verbal attacks, although Cotto made clear that it will not be let intimidate by the previous fights of Paquiao.

“When Bob Arum presented/displayed to Pacquiao, I listened that it mentioned that defeated Oscar of Hoya and Ricky Hatton. Then I am not they, I am Miguel Cotto, and I will give the best thing of me”, expressed welterweight champion of the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

"This fight will be great, I'm happy for the opportunity and give them a great fight. I know Cotto is bigger and stronger, but I will do my best, "Pacquiao said for his part, who was first to speak.

The unique “resentment” of the press conference gave to Miguel Cotto father it, who mounted an attack to the trainer of Paquiao, Freddie Roach. "Since we started working, and we urge Mr. Roach to do the same with their fighter.We don't wanna hear that shit(excuses) when he losses" said Cotto Senior, while that caused euphoria in the Puerto Rican fans.

On the other hand, Arum, Top Rank promoter, reported that the Puerto Rican Daniel Santos also form part of the bill Cotto, Pacquiao, when he defends his title of World Boxing Association to Yuri Foreman.

Source: primerahora.com


  1. Pacquiao doesnt make excuses period!!His victims makes excuses!!!

  2. pacman's trainning is kind of variety style,he train in the gym and after that he strengthen his heart by singing karaoke, because singing is good for the heart, and mixed with playing basketball for the legs and it is more than he jog 10 kilometers when he plays basketball.thats a good idea to measure how much energy he has,so when he fight he will not get tired.