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Monday, September 14, 2009

Manny Pacquiao ‘doesn’t care’ how Miguel Cotto will fight him

Pound-for-pound world’s best boxer Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines said that he will be ready no matter what strategy Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto will adopt against him in their Nov. 14 fight. “If I press the fight I’m sure he would run,” Pacquiao said in Tagalog. “And if I wait, he’ll come in. That is what will happen, if he either runs or takes the fight to me, it’s all right with me.”

As Pacquiao was saying this, Puerto Rican fans approached, requesting for photographs to be taken with him. One of them even said, “I may be the only Puerto Rican rooting for you. Believe me. You’re a great fighter.”

Many people crowded around the Filipino fighter at the airport lobby in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Pacquiao was waiting for a plane to take him to San Francisco, USA.

Pacquiao was with his entourage that included his trainer Freddie Roach to promote the fight in Cotto’s home country. During an interview with the media, Roach answered questions regarding the schedule of Pacquiao’s training. The Filipino is to start training on Sept. 21 in Baguio City, a highland region in the Philippines. Cotto started training about a month ago.

“No one dictates our time but Manny and me,” Roach told the gathered media persons. “If they already started I don’t care. I know my job and we know what we’re doing.”

Roach did not seem too concerned with the disparity, expressing his confidence in his prized boxer. “We’ll be in great shape and we’ll be ready to go 12 rounds,” Roach said.

Source: thenextreporter.com

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