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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Roach wants Pacman to slow down

pacquiao vs cotto
MANILA, Philippines - Freddie Roach is facing the same old problem in training camp: how to prevent Manny Pacquiao from overworking and overdoing things.

“I have to slow him down,” said Roach who presided yet another workout at the Shape Up Gym in Baguio City where the Filipino icon is in the thick of training for his Nov. 14 match with Miguel Cotto.

Mediamen, however, were kept away from the gym yesterday. But Mike Koncz, the boxer’s adviser, said the doors will re-open on Oct. 1 when Bob Arum of Top Rank arrives for a three-day visit.

Roach said he lives a life of “negotiations” with Pacquiao in training. When he says it’s done for the day the 30-year-old boxer would always ask for more, probably an extra round or two with the mitts or in sparring.

“I have to pull him back because I want him to stay hungry in training,” Roach would often say. But most of the time, he gives in to the boxer’s request, and this training camp is no different that the previous ones.

Pacquiao blew into town last Sunday while Roach, along with conditioning coach Alex Ariza and Rob Peters, who normally handles the security at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles, came in the other day.

“Maybe he wants to impress me,” said Roach, and by the three-time Trainer of the Year’s words, the reigning pound-for-pound champion is doing a very good job.

Barely in his fifth day at the gym, Pacquiao has shown tremendous speed like he’s been training for a month now. The first two days of workout were held at the Wild Card in ParaƱaque last week.

“Manny is very sharp,” Roach observed.

“He showed me his speed, his footwork. As if he has been training for a month. I’ve never seen a fighter this fast,” said Roach who even said Pacquiao “can fight on Saturday.”

The inner circle of Team Pacquiao held a brain-storming Tuesday evening, mapping out the fightplan for what could be the Filipino’s toughest fight. They plan to train in Baguio for five weeks before flying to the US.

“We are not worried,” said Roach. “We will make sure that Cotto cannot use his weight to his advantage.”

Pacquiao knows the kind of fight he’s getting into, and is not leaving any stone unturned in training.

“Malakas si Cotto (He’s strong),” he said.

Source: philstar.com

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  1. filipinos are hard working people once we started to sweat we never stop until we finished the job.pacquiao is like that,if you want to measure his capability you will impress what you see, because the more pacquiao sweat the more he become stronger,it seems that he never get tired, maybe thats because filipinos like fish, and fish have lots of protien that make him move over his capacity.he is really above and beyond kind of boxer when it comes to trainning,he will show you how great he really is.he is one of the kind boxer which he believe in himself,positive kind of guy and has a fighting spirit.keep up the good job pacman,and good luck for the whole team.