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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can Cotto Defeat Pacquiao, But Lose On A 'Wild-card'?

Much speculation has brewed recently in the underground Puerto Rican community about the odds of Miguel Cotto finding himself on the opposite end of a 'gift decision'. After so many times where many thought he unfairly got the nod, (Clottey and Mosley fights), there's room to believe that streak may finally end, giving him a dose of the same unfortunate reality. This seems impossible when you consider that Cotto isn't gonna be as easy to hit (or find) as many people think, making it somewhat harder to score a fight in Pacquiao's favor. Dela Hoya and Hatton were easy targets, and neither has ever been known to have even a little bit of defense, but Cotto (on the other hand) has learned quite well how to slip quick punches, and his fights against Mosley, Judah, and Malignaggi, all speak this truth. With the world literally awaiting a Pacquiao/Mayweather showdown, is there truth to the growing speculation of those who wonder if Cotto can actually get a points victory in this fight? We know he's gonna be the aggressor, as Pacquaio won't make the mistake of trying to walk him down for 12rds. We know that he (Cotto) has basically all of the size related advantages coming into the fight. We know that he brings the power advantage into the fight as well, but what difference does all that make in the end if the true money fight hinges on the victory of his opponent? Hopefully this is all speculation and not reality. A poor decision on the biggest stage the sport has seen in years would be fatal to a sport many think is already on its last leg. Stay tuned.

Source: 8countnews.com

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