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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Despite bruises, Freddie Roach won't cut, run on Manny Pacquiao


Many people know that is shorthand for What Would Jesus Do?
In terms of any and all boxing matters, Pinoy Idol Manny Pacquiao’s only question should be WWFD, or What Would Freddie (Roach) Do?
I don’t know if some of the shoeshiners and Chapstick bumkissers surrounding Pacman are poisoning the well against the heretofore revered Coach Roach but it’s painfully obvious that there is Trouble in River City and you spell it with a capital T.
If this disturbing trend of no contact with his trainer goes on, I think Roach will soon understand how Dr. Frankenstein felt when the monster turned against him.
Here’s what I see happening next in the Pacman soap opera:
1. Packy will cuddle up with Roach when he comes to the US.

2. Irascible agent Michael Koncz makes himself scarce in Roach’s presence fearing upsetting Boss Manny and a boxing comeback by Freddie. Even with his hockey goalie’s mark, Koncz is easy work for Roach.

3. Freddie will not, despite his bruised ego and feelings, not cut and run. He’ll stay out of loyalty with money being a secondary concern. Freddie’s the hottest trainer in boxing and MMA, he’ll never lack for work and his ascetic lifestyle doesn’t require a huge budget. FR is not Cash Rules Everything Around Me (CREAM) like “Money May” Mayweather.

4. Training camp in Baguio will prove to be a Nightmare On Elm Street with Pinoy suckups of all description seeking to touch the hem of Jesus, er I mean, Manny’s garments.

5. Boss Manny will stay short time, maybe two weeks, in Baguio before issuing an order to decamp to Toluca in Mexico. Pacman can admit to being wrong, I think.

6. Attorney Gacal stays with radio silence so much that Pinoys think his lips are sealed with duct tape.

7. Self-preservation expert Bob Arum will ask Manny to put an arm around Coach Roach and feel his pain. If it’s good for Uncle Bob, he does it.

8. Reports of Cotto looking extra sharp in training will send a shockwave into the entire camp leading to bagging it in Baguio.

9. Michael Marley will write an article without mentioning Manny Pacquiao or even Bobby Pacquiao.

10. Some jagoff will accuse Marley of reporting on Pacman to get Internet hits. Doh, did you think the White Gorilla pounds the Pacquiao beat as a hobby? Wake up!
Meanwhile, Manny himself says have healthy hair with Head & Shoulders and relax, no worries, mate, he will be everready for Cotto come Nov. 14.

Source: examiner.com


  1. if you have trust on your fighter you don't need to worry about everything just wait for his presence and do the best you can to train your fighter don't believe others but just believe on yourself pacman is a good hearted person, he understands what everybody's feeling. a person like pacman is very rare to see,he is generous, humble, religious, he speaks what's in his heart,the people who is close to him is treated like his part of his life as a best friend.

  2. ya.... pac is the man!