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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Manny Pacquiao vs. UFC Nov. 14!

If you're anything like me, and somewhere between still learning about the nuances of the UFC and not too happy about how things within the boxing industry are going anyway, I say take a few minutes or so and read a column by Rick Rockwell, also known as the MMA Examiner of Sacramento, CA.

Virtually all boxing vs. UFC columns refer to boxing as the aging, fat, and lazy, as opposed to the hip, younger UFC demographic.

The column blew my mind. It was a guy writing about some shortcomings in UFC judgement that make it vulnerable to the more established sport of professional boxing.

He added enough sarcasm, which my readers know I can't get enough of, and made the article very palatable and readable. A year ago, anything UFC was a foreign language to me.

I had been contemplating not watching the September 19 Mayweather vs. Marquez fight on PPV at the luxury high-rise of legendary Dallas sparring legend Scott "El Pelon" Eranger, and instead heading about 20 miles to downtown Dallas for my first live UFC (103) event at the wonderful American Airlines Center.

When it was announced a couple of weeks ago that Golden Boy Promotions was adding Zab Judah to the televised under card, I immediately said "goodbye" to boxing (for that night) and would watch the UFC and get through the hassles of parking, tickets and 20,000 live drunk fans I would be with.

I don't care for Judah.

Now Judah is off the card. So what is my obligation? Can I sneak back to El Pelon's party? Let me know what you think and I'll address it in another column.

Back to the Rick Rockwell piece, he speaks of not only the September 19 UFC card in Dallas and Mayweather vs. Marquez, but a bigger, broader issue that is on November 14 UFC has an even bigger card and of course that is the date of Pacquiao vs. Cotto.

I do know that boxing is a year round sport, as is UFC. American sports such as NFL, NCAA football, NBA, MLB are continuously finding ways to increase their regular season lengths and playoffs, even their pre-season training camps to be in the news year round if for no other reasons than to sell T - shirts and media coverage.

What all this means? I don't know. I'm just rambling.

But Mr. Rockwell appears to give the boxing business more respect than it has deserved in a long time and for that I thank him and will continue to read his column.

Source: examiner.com

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