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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Only One Can Stop Pacquiao and It’s Not Cotto

pacquiao vs cotto
By Amar J Khan: I have been reading so many articles on how Miguel Cotto is going to destroy Manny Pacquiao, the number one ranked pound for pound king. What people seem to make referencing to is the heart and spirit of Cotto. Sorry, but that alone won’t win the fight and I don’t see Cotto winning this fight at all.

Cotto for me is a poorer version of Ricky Hatton. Whilst I admire his heart, Cotto just will not have the skill, pace and power to beat Pacquiao. Cotto at his best, lets say against Paul Malignaggi, who Cotto defeated via decision, won the fight by only 3-4 points on scorecards.

Honestly, how is Cotto going to defeat Pacquiao when Ricky Hatton, who absolutely destroyed Paul Malignaggi in a one sided fight, could not? I know Hatton messed up by not following the plan of his coach. And for what it is worth, I actually do think Hatton would of won had he followed the plan of his coach, but that is a story for another day.

My prediction is the in and out movement of Pacman will be the deciding factor. Manny is devastating coming and launching quick and accurate punches with power and then moving out of harms way. If Cotto tries to fight with Pacquiao, I think we will see another Hatton job done on Cotto.

Cotto won’t win this fight on points as the speed of Pacquiao will give him the edge over that department, so what will defeat Pacman? The answer is pure boxing skills, something Marquez used very effectively against Manny. Had it not been for that early knock down since Marquez starts off cold, Pacman would have lost that fight.

I see the early part of the fight being key. If Cotto opens up and tries to fight head on with Pacquiao, I really do see Pacman knocking him out. If Cotto remains defensively sound, I think Pacman will win around the 11th round by knockout when Cotto becomes desperate as he will be behind on the scorecard.

After reading this you all are probably thinking I am biased towards Pacman. Well I am not. I think Mayweather, when or if he fights Pacquiao, will win the fight comfortably. Mayweather has everything Marquez has but adds more with his sound defence, movement and speed.

Just to end, I really do like Cotto and I am not having a dig at all those people praying Cotto wins, but seriously what are you lot thinking? Just look at Cotto’s previous fights. Even Hatton would beat him. Oh, and something for the Hatton fans. Hatton has been seen training in his gym. However, he refused to give me an interview after finishing.

Source: boxingnews24.com


  1. You are a idiot you should never again be allowed to write an article on any sport!

  2. i agree with the previous comment you must remember cotto beat paul when he was undefeaded idiot plus manny dosent have better boxing skills than cotto and everybody will notice that on fight night. clearly you are a pacquiao fan u suck

  3. You have lost all grasp of reality!!
    1st. Mayweather has to beat Marquez who is not a cab driver,and 2nd.Pacquiao has to beat Cotto who also doesnt drive cabs in order for your dream to come true.

    its a shame that a controvesial loss by Cotto to Margarito(a fight that Cotto was dominating till his face exploded because of the plaster laced gloves{imo})has people acting like Cotto is a bum.I cant wait to see Pacquiao being attended to by the doctor!
    but then the flip side of the coin comes--Cotto was to big and blah blah blah.

  4. Man i guess you really havent seen any of cotto's fights. First of all Cotto messed up paulie's face he broke his jaw thats how hard cotto hits second of all cotto wanted to fight hatton but hatton didnt want to fight cotto that is why he vacated his belt in welterweight and lost weight to move back down. Now you think Cotto cant handle pacquaios speed? Hmmm obviously you didnt see cotto beat mosley who is known for speed and zab-judah who was at his prime at that time and said to be faster than mayweather and paulie who supposably was untouchable when it came to speed. If pac trades with cotto he will get demolished because not only is cotto strong but he also knows how to jab and move, the only way i see pacquiao beating this hard hitting monster is to jab and move threw out the whole fight. Pacquiaos last three fights were all over rated, he fought de la hoya who is fat and old and hasnt won a fight in years, the he beat the over rated hatton who has most of his wins from fighters from europe and cant box worth crap, all he can do is fight because he has power. And then there was the slow david diaz wow my grandmother is faster than that dude. Cotto lost to one fighter who was then caught cheating in his next fight and lost to mosley who cotto already had beat. Obviosly you have no experience in boxing because if you did you would see that cotto has fought all types of firgthers and won, slow, fast, tall, short, southpaw it doesnt matter cotto has beat them. And if Hatton could beat cotto so easily he would have wanted to fight him because as it sits cotto has his belt and hatton will never be mentioned in a sentence with cotto's name in it, if not there would have been hype for the fight. In my opinion nobody would hire somebody so dumb like you that thinks your article is true, the only reason your editor approved this article was because you would hype up this fight and make ppl want to pay to see it which everyone understands thats how you make money in the boxing career. O yeah i forgot say this when Cotto beat paulie, paulie had to get rushed to the hospital and had to get surgery for his jaw thats how bad cotto messed him up after a couple months paulie was interviewed and asked about cotto and he said he has never been hit that hard in his life. Point is cotto sent him to the hospital not hatton, cotto broke his undefeated record not hatton.


  6. Yeah,this fool is judging Cotto and Pacquiao based on their last fights.De La Hoya was already done before he stepped in the ring against Pacquiao and I agree about Hatton only fighting not so good fighters. Cotto has beat all kinds of fighters.Don't get me wrong,I like Pacquiao,but it seems to me that there is a lot of band wagon jumpers who probably don't even know who Pacquiao fought before D.L.H. and Hatton.

  7. And by the way,I don't know where you read those articles because all I've heard and read is how Pacquiao is going to knock Cotto out.Of course there probably from people who just like to join a trend.But enough from me I'll let Cotto prove himself as the real Pound for Pound.

  8. Are we talking about Cotto that got wobbled by Corley?