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Monday, September 7, 2009

Pacman slates tour

Manny Pacquiao is embarking on a whirlwind cross-country tour of five cities in the US and Puerto Rico starting with a press conference for his November 14 super fight with Miguel Cotto at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York on Thursday.

Pacquiao and key members of his team are flying to New York via Cathay Pacific at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

They are expected to touch down at JFK International at 2 p.m. also of Wednesday in time for the next day’s affair.

Fred Sternburg, one of countless publicists being tapped by Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank to lend a hand to the mega-event at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, said the gig set at 12 noon is open to fight fans although media planning to cover the event will have to request for credentials with the New York Yankees front office.

From New York, Pacquiao and Cotto will take a four-hour flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to attend a similar event at the Centro de Bellas Artes de Caguas (Center for Dance and Arts) in Cotto’s hometown of Caguas on September 12.

Then it’s back to the US mainland for another round of media events, starting with San Francisco on September 13 where Pacquiao and Cotto will face off once again at the AT&T Park. From the Bay Area, Pacquiao and Cotto bring their act to Los Angeles on September 14 with another press conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

On September 15, Pacquiao will motor to San Diego to grace the baseball game featuring the Padres at PETCO Park. Cotto will no longer be doing the San Diego event as he will either make a return trip to Puerto Rico or head straight to his training camp in Tampa, Florida.

Top Rank publicist Lee Samuels said high-ranking officials of HBO Pay-Per-View and Bob Halloran of the MGM Grand will also be joining the tour, which Samuels predicts “will be one of our greatest press tours -- a throwback to the huge nationwide tours we did in the 1980s.”

Pacquiao, meanwhile, will fly back to the Philippines to get himself all primed up for the training camp in Baguio, hopefully, with trainer Freddie Roach and conditioning coach Alex Ariza joining the Filipino fighter.

Roach has also recruited three sparring partners who will likely be told to fly with them to get used to the local climate although Pacquiao will not begin sparring until two weeks after his pre-conditioning training.

Source: mb.com.ph

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  1. i bet when pacquiao return to the philippines after the tour he will jog this time the uphill in baguio not the plain road,because by doing this way he can measure how much resistance he can tackle, because in boxing the fighter needs resistance in order to stay longer in the ring, rounds after rounds, if you don't have resistance, about 6 rounds you're run out of gas and your punching power getting less and less as the round goes on.and i think next is skipping rope for footwork and bouncing, then punching bag to measure how much power he can deliver, i think heavy punching bag is better, then speed bag,to measure how quick is punching ability, then roach will give the technique as a game plan, then sparring with some pro boxers, then study the previous fight of cotto and focus in his weakness and be aware of his dangerous style.do it over and over again until he is confident and ready to rumble.if pacman can take cotto punches he has no more problem in the fight.i am sure he can, because fighter who can fight toe to toe can take a lot of punches but still standing.that's what he is.and i think the last workout is shadow boxing.