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Monday, September 7, 2009

Baguio ready for Pacquiao’s training

Reporting from Baguio City, trainer Buboy Fernandez said the City of Pines and the facilities available up there is suited for Manny Pacquiao’s training camp for the Nov. 14 fight with Miguel Cotto.

“I have inspected the gym and discovered a perfect running area that Manny will use once he begins training here soon,” said Fernandez, who was sent there by Pacquiao last Friday to see if Baguio is ideal to host his training camp.

Fernandez said Freddie Roach will have nothing to worry about the security inside the gym because he’ll instruct the hotel staff to stop onlookers to barge inside without his permission.

“I think coach Freddie will like it once he sees what Baguio has to offer.

Coach Freddie need not worry about distractions and I can assure him that we’ll be focused during training.”

Fernandez added that a three bedroom suite could be Pacquiao’s temporary dwelling during the five to six week training camp in Baguio.

Fernandez, widely regarded as Roach’s disciple, said the gym has “everything installed.”

Roach has been vehemently protesting that Pacquiao should instead agree to go with him to Toluca, Mexico, to avoid distractions brought about by frequent visits from Pacquiao’s pals, politicians and showbiz buddies.

Pacquiao is expected to report for training camp as soon as he gets back from a five-city six-day press tour that kicks off on Sept. 10 at Yankee Stadium in New York. Puerto Rico, San Francisco,
Los Angeles and San Diego will also host the traveling circus.

Cotto will no longer be in San Diego since he will go straight to his training camp in Tampa. Florida.

Cotto has already been training in Puerto Rico the past four weeks.

Source: mb.com.ph

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