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Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Manny Pacquiao's retirement will never stick

Only Madame Auring, the Pinay seer who knows all, sees all but seldom tells all unless the price is right, really knows.

The gypsy blood of Madame A allows her to see things that others, particularly those with glaucoma and other vision problems, cannot.

So I’m a bit amused when people ask me, which they do quite often, as to how many bouts beyond the Nov. 14 date with Miguel I’m No Angel Cotto, that Manny Pacquiao will actually have before hanging up his Reyes gloves for good.

“Two or three” says trainer Coach Freddie Roach, a fighter who stayed too long at the fair himself despite his good healthy intentions.

“Three” is what I’m hearing that Pacman says.

As a famous magazine cover (Sports Illustrated) once said of Muhammad Ali, “The future is a mist.”

When will Packy quit? It's a navel gazing game the entire family can play.

Pacquiao turns a not so ripe, old 31 in December and that’s with immense wealth, his health and other occupations (politician, celebrity, celebrity-politician) more than open to him, and with his comely wife Jinkee prodding him, Pacquiao will see the door retirement as a wise move.

Despite his political plans in Sarangani, my often cracked (or smoking crack?) crystal ball shows Pacman fighting the unavoidable mega bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2010.

Former Malacanang operative Hammerin’ Hermie Rivera views the ops in Sarangani as a mail it in effort for Pacman meaning the fighter need not strain himself or go door to door introducing himself to the star struck electorate.

So his desire to become a legislator is no hindrance to the Mayweather Lollapalooza.
I can envision Manny fighting PBF and, win, lose or unlikely draw, then slamming the door to the ring shut.

Despite that, that door will refuse to remain closed. I just can’t see a one and gone walkoff by Manny.

Marvelous Marvin—that’s Hagler although Pinoy wunderkind Sonsona has adopted the sobriquet—did it and few have followed his intelligent trail. To make his riding off into the sunset more impressive, Hagler did in the wake of a bitter and undeserved points loss to charismatic Sugar Ray Leonard.

In retirement, Pacman will lose the red hot glow of being The Champ. When they put that ex in front of champion, you can still be The Man but you won’t be the same Megamanny.
You know my phrase that yesterday’s cheers have a short echo.
Being "the people's champ" is a two sided coin. The hoi polloi soon tires of a retired pugilist even the great ones.

So I say Manny packs it, does not fight in 2011, but comes back , tanned, rested and ready like Richard Nixon did so often, in 2012.

He will only be 32 shading 33 and there will be new ring challenges. Perhaps the United States, Mexico or the UK will have a new star, a guy who says he can pummel the Pacman.

Pacman is all about fight and not flight so he might find shaking off the ring rust and returning to his ruler’s roost a temptation he must yield to.

Maybe he will be like Leonard and have multiple retirements, I can't be sure.
But the first retirement attempt will not stick.

It’s happened before.

Mayweather left his “office” for 21 months before returning. He kept the lights out and now he will try to put Juan Manuel Marquez’s lamps out.

Mayweather, you might note, is 32.

What a coincidence.

What say you, Madame Auring, Oracle of the Far East?

You also know that Mindless Marley has prophesied.

Remember that, having imbibed the lifeblood of a legendary leprechaun from County Cork, I see little, say a lot and know next to nothing.

Madame A is a prophet, I'm just a storyteller who swallowed the Blarney Stone whole.
But I try hard.

I now predict this column will end.

Source: examiner.com

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