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Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebrity Predictions On Pacquiao VS Cotto HBO The Buzz

Recently on HBO's The Buzz several celebrities weighed in and voiced their predictions for the November 14th mega-fight between Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto taking place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

It seems the majority consensus is favoring the pound for pound champion: Manny Pacquiao over his very worthy bigger, stronger welterweight champion opponent: Miguel Cotto. Let's see what the celebrities had to say.

Former baddest heavy weight champion of the world "Iron" Mike Tyson: Pac Man

Light Heavy weight Champion Chad Dawson": Pacquiao—he's the best, he's on top right now.

Hip Hop Mogul P. Diddy: If Cotto can reconnect to the way he was three years ago, he may give Pacquiao problems.

Mark Consuelos(Mr. Kelly Ripa): I'm sorry, the Filipino is going to win.

Welter weight champion Shane Mosley: It's going to be an interesting fight, and I think Pacquiao better take him seriously.

WWE Super Star Triple H: Not that Cotto's going to be an easy win, but I think Pacquiao's going to beat him.

Sam Trammel(True Blood): I'm going to have to go with Pacquiao man. I saw his last fight, and he's just out of control.

Out of all of these celebrities I would say Shane Mosley has the most credibility in giving a prediction, having fought Miguel Cotto to a close hard 12 round decision loss. I also agree with Shane that Pacquiao should be taking this fight seriously and not get too over confident as many of these celebrities are over confident in him defeating Miguel Cotto with ease.

I will still hold off on my own official celebrity prediction on this fight until I see footage of Manny's training at the Wild Card gym or better yet see it with my own eyes and consult with my fellow colleagues as well on their inside information.

I will say however that Miguel Cotto is not Ricky Hatton or a weight drained past prime Oscar De La Hoya. When Cotto is hurt he still fights on and finds a way to win. His only loss came from the hands of a highly suspected illegal plaster of paris Antonio Margarito who he was clearly winning the fight in a one sided manner.

The point is Miguel Cotto will do a whole lot better than people are already writing him off for.

Source: bleacherreport.com

1 comment:

  1. for all celebrity preditions.. cotto will show the world what he is made of....maybe then you all will feel stupid to underestimated such a quality boxer cotto is....first tito now cotto and new boy juan manuel Lopez...viva PUERTO RICO....reconized