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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cotto won't play ‘mind games’ with Roach

MANILA -- Welterweight champ Miguel Cotto is steering away from coach Freddie Roach’s “psy-war” tactics as his November 14 fight date with Pacquiao draws near.

Cotto, who will defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) title against Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, said he isn’t buying any of Roach’s statements that he’ll get knocked out in the first round of the fight.

“I have never seen a fighter win with the talking of his trainer,” Cotto said in a report by PhilStar.com.

“So, I want to tell Freddie Roach, Miguel Cotto and his team do not care. The important thing here is that I’m not going to see Freddie Roach’s face in the ring. I will be there with Manny Pacquiao,” he added.

Roach, who admitted “throwing off” some of Pacquiao’s opponents with his statements, said his prized ward is perfectly capable of knocking out the Puerto Rican champ in just one round.

“He can say anything, try anything to draw the attention and try to be the hero of the whole promotion. But on Nov. 14, we will see who talks in the end, the ones who did all the talking or the ones who stayed silent,” said Cotto.

Pacquiao holds ‘despedida’

Pacquiao, meanwhile, held a farewell party on Saturday before heading to the US for the remainder of his preparations against Cotto.

The despedida party was attended by his relatives, friends and several political personalities.

Among those present were Environment Secretary Lito Atienza, Deputy National Security adviser Luis “Chavit” Singson, election lawyer Romy Macalintal and former Manila representative Miles Roces.

Pacquiao also received an oil painting depicting him and Britain’s Ricky Hatton, whom he knocked out in two rounds last May.

The pound-for-pound king was expected to board a Philippine Airlines flight to Los Angeles 10 p.m. Saturday.

Source: abs-cbnnews.com


  1. there is a posibility to knock out cotto in round one if cotto makes a big mistake in his career, because pacman knock down porter twice in sparring even porter is bigger and taller than pacman. this guy is a middleweight, and cotto is in welterweight that means porter is bigger than cotto and besides that,pacman develop his right hand like his left hand which is his deadly weapon for the fight.both hands have the same power,so what do think if cotto will make mistake and pacman hit him hard the same as he hit porter?we can't underestemate cotto but if he makes mistake,three minutes is long enough to knock him out.i think that was roach is trying to say.

  2. hey, you want a specific name of sparring partner of pacman his name is shawn porter a junior middleweight but someday this guy will come up to middleweight, this guy is big and taller than pacman and bigger than cotto. believe roach pacman can knock out cotto in round one if he makes mistake and if you are cotto fan we are sorry that's the final prediction of freddie roach because roach has made a right prediction during the previous fights of pacman,like de la hoya and hatton.

  3. pacman's speed will panic and wobble cotto and cotto doesn't know what to do to stop pacman's speed, and pacman's power will finish him once he start to wobble and if the time is still enough maybe left and right hand with speed will knock out cotto.and pacman is done with this business.

  4. it sounds like we have a couple of pacman dick riders and roach dick suckers in here tiping yall can all kill yall self. porter would get knockd out even faster by cotto nobody has even heard of him until now nobody cares about him cotto will kick pacquiao ass and make him retire while yall still have roach's dick in yall mouth in disbelieve. stupid fucks have yall ever seen miguel cotto fight to think that porter is even close to his level it dosent matter if he is biger TRUST ME!!!!