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Monday, October 12, 2009

Pacquiao vs. Cotto: Miguel Will Send Manny Into Retirement

By Manuel Perez: Manny Pacquiao is thinking he’s going to be fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. sometime next year, but I think World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Miguel Cotto is going to have a lot to say about that and I’m counting on Cotto beating Pacquiao bad and sending him into retirement rather than into mega fight with Mayweather. Cotto, 28, will be facing Pacquiao on November 14th at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao and Cotto will be fighting with Miguel’s WBO welterweight title on the line at a 145 pound catch weight.

I still think it’s absurd to fight with the title on the line if there’s a limit that requires the champion Cotto from fighting at the normal weight for the belt. That is so wrong. It won’t matter, though, because Cotto is still going to beat the stuffing out of Pacquiao and will do badly enough where Pacquiao will have to retire rather than continue on. That’s my prediction!

Pacquiao has been beating up weight drained fighter like Oscar De La Hoya and nearly defenseless ones like Ricky Hatton. Now Pacquiao is facing a real threat and he’s going to have a real mess on his hands on November 14th, and I can’t wait to see Pacquiao getting beaten up.

It’s going to give me a lot of pleasure to see Pacquiao’s face getting rearranged by Cotto. I can’t express how much satisfaction I’m going to get watching Pacquiao get knocked down a peg. I just hope that Cotto does it slowly and methodically because I want the beating to last as long as possible.

If Cotto ends things too quickly, Pacquiao won’t suffer all that much and will likely still move ahead and take the fight with Mayweather in 2010. That rightfully be Cotto’s fight, but I know that Mayweather will probably still fight Pacquiao anyway, leaving Cotto, the victor, to have to scrape up whatever he can put together as far big money fights go.

Okay, so back to the beating. I want Cotto to focus on working over Pacquiao’s midsection, but he has to be careful that he doesn’t hit Pacquiao too hard because I don’t want Pacquiao flopping around on the canvas like a fish out of water, gasping for breath after Cotto lands a big body shot. Cotto needs to throw to the sides to make sure he doesn’t knock the air out of Pacquiao’s tiny body.

You can’t have the fight ending early from a body shot. I can just see the excuses that will role in on that one. ‘Ah, I was blinded by flash from a camera and, ah, didn’t see Cotto throwing to my stomach area.’ Next, after working over Pacquiao’s midsection, Cotto needs to go for the face. He’s got to hit him but no too hard. I want the eyes to puff, the lips to bleed and the nose to get flattened, but Cotto mustn’t try to brain Pacquiao with anything too hard because that will be letting him off the hook.

Source: boxingnews24.com


  1. ON MANUEL PEREZ. wow! what a professional commentarism. LOL! let me guess... you hate manny aint you? hahaha! are you one of the boxers he put on retirement?

  2. wow such an ignorant analysis..tenx a lot SUCKER!!!!!!LET SEE whose gonna Beaten!!!asshole..hehe.!

  3. hehe!! der is hatred in you LOL why dont you fight Manny instead and see what will happen har har har!

  4. This is the best article ive read so far. Hope manny gets the shit punshed out of him. This would be great.

  5. Hahahaha is that prediction based on facts and logic or emotion? Actually is this even a prediction or just a fiction created by some sore looser's imagination. And wow "best article i've read so far" comment? Are you serious? it's either you're the one who wrote the article too or you've just never read any articles besides this one.

  6. Put Manny into retirement? Are you kidding me? Cotto fought Alfonso Gomez and Paulie Malinaggi and couldn't make those B class fighters entertain the idea of retiring, and here you are again talking smack. Put the crack pipe down and throw away your gun or ropes (for hanging yourself) before you entertain the idea of retiring yourself when Manny defeats your boy in a fashion you never thought of. Cotto's wound will get busted open again and will drown in his own blood.

  7. I like the article keep them coming to many pacman cock suckers out there! cotto is going to prove pacquiao is not that good he is to small cotto will kill him WATCH the fight assholes,

  8. this is an article created by a man with a brain weighing nanograms. together with comments supported by people with nanogram brains as well.

    and pacquiao's gonna retire anyway, win or lose, because he's gonna run for congress in 2010 elections. he doesn't need cotto nor mosely nor mayweather to have his retirement. but of course, pacquiao can come back anytime he wants to. it all depends on him.

  9. pacquiao will retire if he made an history in boxing, he will get there, he is closer to retire because the seventh belt will be belong to him plus the diamond made belt as well.pacman learn for his mistake during their fight with marquez,since then, he dominate the fight against diaz,de la hoya, and hatton.i think he is thinking that this fight with cotto is not similar with marquez, the style of figth he is going to do with cotto is different one.pacman is getting smart on the fight if he got hit.

  10. Manuel Perez,

    Why don't you and I settle this inside the ring? So I could send to the canvass and flopping like a fish out of the water .

    I bet you're a Mexican, "Manny Hater". All your fighters are no match for the lil warrior, remember this, Cotto will be down on 6th.
    If you and I meet, you'll be kissing the canvass on first bell.

  11. i am sure cotto's left eye will get burst agian on nov. 14 that's for sure,pacman right hand is getting stronger and more accurate right now and the first target of pacman might be the left eye which the scar of two previous fight of cotto and its not fully recover yet until this coming fight on nov. 14, and the scar is not even one year yet, so there is a posibility that this scar can be the key for stoppage of the fight.

  12. shut up... you wanker tsktsktsk


    Oh man you're the most idiot writer i've ever come across. Your rubbish article shouldn't be posted here reading this was very disgusting.

    And for those clowns that was delighted by this article you were sore losers base your comments on facts not by your personal opinion!

  14. HAHAha

    I think this writer is a gay, who is very in-love with anghel cotto.

    in my own perspective the firepower match is just a tune up fight of pacman, preparing himself against Mayweather jr.

    use your mind not you emotion.

    send to the canvass and flopping lie a fish out of the water?? hahaha what knid of imagination is that?

    pacman has never been in that kind of situation eversince in his career. fought so many warriors like BArerra,Morales,mMArquez,DIaz, Dela Hoya, hatton and manny more. but they didn't send PAc to the canvass and whatsover like you were saying..

    Gay writer who is inlove with Cotto listen, "after the Firepower MAtch, Cotto's adorable face in your own eyes will be uglier than Pac's face because of Cuts and sweLLs. get ready to be inloved with PCaman.. HAHAHAH

  15. malaki siguro natalo dito sa gagong toh...tsk tsk tsk what an asshole...If ever this guy is writing for a website or mag....the website must probably have zero hits or the publisher of the mag is closing shop....

    Perez, must be a mexican....can't separate his patriotism and profession...Im sure the mexicans or puerto ricans love this guy...at least the uneducated ones....

  16. manuel perez... lets fight at 30lbs its seems u have still mucose in your nose ask ur mother to wipe it out... hehehe


  18. hahaha, laughing all over the place...in all of these..emotions, emotions. afterall, I think (in fairness reading all these comments and commentaries) the fight will be stopped by a tko, with cotto bloody all over his face by a vicious left and right thunderous and lightning combinations from the pacman.
    And please guys, in fairness,avoid comments as if you're a filipino or latino. remember? Pinas is very much spanish and yes, we were for almost 400 years with Spain like most if not all South Americans and many of those years Espanol as our official language as English is today. Latino or not latino, pacman will defeat cotto.

  19. unless you were in a real fight before,you would never go down to the point believing that Dela Hoya was weight drained that's why Manny obliterated him.once a fighter,always a fighter.i had a grandpa who was 96 and still donating sperms,,Dela Hoya is a joke..c'mon perez,just accept the fact that your sons' sons will be sucking FLIP COCKS..