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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pacquiao works out at Wildcard

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Six-time world champion pound-for-pound king Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao worked out Monday with chief trainer Freddie Roach at the Wildcard Boxing Club in Hollywood during his first day training since arriving in the United States on Saturday. Pacquiao is preparing for his upcoming “FIREPOWER” welterweight championship fight against three-time world champion and the pride of Puerto Rico Miguel Cotto. Pacquiao vs Cotto is promoted by Top Rank, in association with MP Promotions, Cotto Promotions, MGM Grand and Tecate, and will take place November 14 at the sold out MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It will also be available on pay per view.

Source: fightnews.com


  1. The devistating emotion the Phillipinos felt when the typhon hit is going to be nothing compared to when they see Manny Pacquiao begging for mercy at Cotto's feet. Pacquiao has a better chance finding the Holy Grale than beating Cotto!!! .. I can't believe that Manny's nut huggers fell for this one. You can tell they don't know nothing about boxing.

  2. COTTO by EASILY KO!!!!!!
    SHOCK and OH-HO-HO!!!!!!
    RIP.PACMAN ON NOV 14 sorry for your loss,mark my words....

  3. PACMAN will definitely win over the Puertorican superstar theres no question about that.... the speed will be the main factor and the power of both hands.PACMAN will knock out Cotto on the 4th round.

  4. Stop making assumptions! it will be a great fight, if you really know boxing than you will know that nobody really knows what will happen until the actual fight night. that's why we pay money to see it! you people picking cotto and picking pacquiao are probably in grade school or high school. shut up and let the boxers do their thing in the ring. I am a pacman fan, i hope he wins but that is all i can do. Cotto is a good fighter and it will be a very even fight in my opinion.

  5. People are saying speed kills, or Manny will win because he is faster, but is not about has fast he can trow a punch but how smart he can box to connect the punch. Speed doesn't always win, if you go to a race, you put a Lamborginni against a Lancer Evo 9 in a circuit match, who will win?? you will said the lamborginni because is faster but you are so wrong the Evo will always win because the fact that is a 4 wheel drive and can make the turns at a lot of speed, the lamborginni can't because is rear traction.
    So speed doesn't always win.

  6. Hey! manny is accurate,he has the power and speed,cotto has the power but it dont have that speed,manny is smarter than cotto,think of that,but instead of arguing or predicting why dont ya wait for the fight no one can predict who will win the fight yur not nostradamus,the reason why we pay is to know who will win the fight ok? all u can do is support yur boxer and pary for him,im a pacman fan and i will pray for him,,,goodluck manny ,,knock cotto out...