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Monday, October 12, 2009

Roach Wants Tougher Low Blow Rule For Pacquiao - Cotto

MANILA (Reuters) - Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach will demand referees impose automatic disqualification for any deliberate low blow landed during the Filipino's challenge for Miguel Cotto'sWBO welterweight title.

Puerto Rican Cotto was docked a point for low blows in his successful defence against Zab Judah in 2007, but maintained the blows had been accidental.

"Cotto stops his opponents' momentum with that kind of blow," American Roach told Monday's Philippine Daily Inquirer.

"In that Judah fight he had five low blows."

Roach said he would raise the issue at a rules meeting before the November 14 showdown in Las Vegas.

The highly anticipated bout pits Pacquiao, widely regarded the world's best pound-for-pound fighter, against Cotto, who retained his WBO title in June with a split decision over Ghana's Joshua Clottey.

Source: nytimes.com


  1. Freddy is just scared of Cotto... he is making excuses, his building a handicap against Cotto because he is scared of the beast!!! He knows he is dealing with the most courageous hearted beast in boxing

  2. no man, this is boxing not street fighting. if cotto keeps on hitting low just like what he usually does, together with a blind referee, there's no way pacquiao's gonna win this fight.

  3. before anything happen there should have an agreement, yes, low blow can be excuse if accidentally happen but if it will happen how many times that's should be disqualification,you know why guys,try to hit your balls once and you will feel the indescribable pain,in that pain you'll change the way you fight because it really hurts and you going to slow down, how much more if you are hit several times in the groin i am sure the only way you gonna loss your fight.