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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cotto: I fight for the glory of my country

pacquiao vs cotto
TAMPA, FLORIDA - The countdown began. Now just a month before the biggest fight of his career and Miguel Cotto said that while his body is feeling the rigors of hard work, can not get better training.

"We are very good, very happy, very pleased with the camp. It is the best preparation we have done. Also a little sore from the intensity of work in the afternoons here in the gym in the mornings at the track, but we know that these pains go away and that our 'performance' will greatly improve, "said Cotto to the New Day yesterday after completing a training session in Tampa Fight Factory Gym in which more than two hours did floor work (cardio, jump rope and gauntlet).

Cotto said he was not worried that feels physical discomfort at this time, since "they are normal when you do this type of preparation. It's typical, shoulders ache a little wrists and hands. I have a think about the camps. At the camp for the fight against Kelson Pinto, in 2004 when he became a champion for the first time I had a hemorrhage in the brachial plexus, three weeks before the fight. There was no camp that my shoulders hurt and I've always said that a camp is not camp without pains. "

But beyond the physical discomfort, Cotto said that the mental and spiritual aspect feels better than ever, is the second time that makes all the hard preparation outside Puerto Rico.

"I feel very relaxed, I have no anxiety. Unlike many previous camps, this time we are enjoying the day to day, sharing with colleagues in camp, both at the track and in the gym. It remains to continue doing the job for a month, the days go by and wait for the November 14, where we hope to have an excellent result, "said the WBO welterweight champion, who followed a second fight has done his training at the Tampa Fight Factory Gym.

With presence Cotto

And indeed, their presence has been felt here. Within the large gym, owned by Pete Fernandez and Cuban coach that is also used for lifting weights, practicing mixed martial arts and kickboxing, seven Banners with a photo of Cotto, the logo of its founding and a message .

In the biggest sign there is a large photo of Cotto launching a coup to Pacquiao. Below is a message that says 'on 14 November, the world will know who will be the new king of the ring'. In another, a Puerto Rican flag background, says "I fight for the pride of Puerto Rico and honor my flag 'and Pacquiao is one in which Cotto quote saying' find your weaknesses and conquer '.

"Those are words I said in a joking or serious. The treatment here in the gym has been excellent, we have provided the area to do the job well and we have made approaches to use the track at the University of Tampa to run. Whenever I train whenever I offer my maximum. The only difference is that Puerto Rico still far from any distractions can come in here and we can train and dedicate more and focus on what is our camp. " said Cotto, who yesterday received a visit from Bob Arum and Top Rank officials.


On the other hand, Cotto met him in the expressions of Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer, who accused the Puerto Rican to be a dirty fighter, which uses low blows when in distress. The same charge was made when he fought Shane Mosley Cotto in 2007.

But Roach went further to state that require the first blow, Cotto is penalized. These statements can be taken as a strategy for Cotto Roach think twice before using one of your best resources, the attack on the body. However, the Puerto Rican boxer said he will not change its style for the November 14 bout will be at a maximum weight of 145 pounds and the WBO welterweight championship.

"Freddie Roach has to understand that is just Manny Pacquiao's trainer, you can train as best you can, but nothing that will change the outcome of the fight. On November 14, Miguel Cotto will make its work as usual, come prepared Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach and learn to take its rightful role and belongs, which is coaching. No matter what he tries to put pressure, no matter the comments, what he tries to do, we'll keep working and doing our usual pattern of fighting, "said welterweight champion, who is marking 34 (27) -1 (1 ).

For Cotto, it seems that he does not care if the great interests of the boxing industry, including television, they prefer that Pacquiao beat him so that the stage is set for a battle between the Filipino and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

"In reality it does not interest me and does not affect me at all. I'm so focused on what this fight. If after I beat Manny Pacquiao, wants to see the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, I have no problem, you can do it. Boxing is great, Miguel Cotto does not depend on any fighter for his race is still on the rise, to continue his career, so the group Mayweather, Pacquiao's group, professional boxing world in general, can make whatever they want. "

Source: elnuevodia.com


  1. this article is poorly written.. bad bad english

  2. It's his second language dummy!Didn't speak a word of english like many fighters before him from his country he made it an effort to communicate not only to his fans from Puerto Rico but his fans in the us..What else are people going to attack him with?! Poor haircut..please!