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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cotto trainer says sparring key to beat The Pacman

WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto is pushing himself to the limit as he trains at the Fight Factory in Tampa, Florida to prepare for his monumental showdown against boxing icon Manny Pacquiao on Nov. 14.

Trainer Joe Santiago, in an interview with boxingscene, reveals that training camp has been going well without any problem, in stark contrast to the in-fighting among some of Pacquiao's trusted people, as well as the recent landslide that killed people near Baguio City, venue of Pacquiao's training.

“It has all gone very well here. Thank God everything has gone smoothly. Miguel is very good, happy and in good spirits, which is important,” Santiago said.

“Everything is running more or less the same [as the Joshua Clottey camp]. The only thing different is the strategic plan we are working on now. We are dealing with a southpaw boxer, with great hand speed, and for that we are preparing.”

To prepare for Pacquiao, Cotto does the traditional morning runs and fitness, along with technical work in the evenings. Sparring takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while floor exercises on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and using Sunday as a day off.

While Pacquiao's sparring partners are all over the news and his every move chronicled, Santiago refused to divulge the names of Cotto's sparring partners although it has been rumored Frankie Figueroa has worked with Cotto in camp. Santiago says getting the right kind of sparring is key to victory.

“That's the key, the sparring. That's as close as you can get to the fight. That's where you can develop the strategy for fighting,” Santiago said. /Correspondent Salven Lagumbay



  1. hands down to miguel cotto for being a great fighter but in my ipinion, pacman's gonna scuff his face...i think both of fighters have speed and power but pacman is more faster, i think is gonna end like pacquiao-diaz fight... pacman gonna punch into orbit... anyway goodluck to both of my favorite fighters

  2. for pacman, if he can take the power punches of cotto then he will be ok. i just hope pacman will hurt cotto. because if he doesn't hurt cotto then he is trouble.