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Monday, October 12, 2009

Manny Pacquiao wary of rough ugly fight with Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto will want a rough, ugly fight with Manny Pacquiao. Cotto fights close to the border, has a hard head, and will use it if he has to. Pacquiao must be wary.

Yes, Cotto can use an ‘accidental’ low blow when necessary. Cotto will want to use his left hook to the body against Pacquiao, and to catch him with his jab. Pacquiao must be wary.

Cotto will be patient; he will box happily from distance; but he may also try to walk Pacquiao down in this fight, particularly to go to Pacquiao’s body. He will need to show his ring generalship, which is excellent, to trap Pacquiao. But going to the body is a must for Cotto, as he has arguably one of the best body attacks in the sport. Pacquiao must be wary again.

Cotto’s two victories over Zab Judah and then Shane Mosely were proof of his great boxing skills, and adaptability. Pacquiao must employ his speed, his footwork, lateral movement, and keep it on the bounce for at least eight rounds. Roach will have worked out openings into Cotto’s defence. Because of Cotto’s adaptability, the Filipino/Hollywood game plan may have a switch in strategy in the middle rounds.

But there is one thing. Pacquiao’s speed could exploit Cotto’s chin. Cotto’s chin has looked as if it could get him in trouble more than once. But what he does it protect it brilliantly. The fight is 33 days away…and counting. The juices are flowing for this fight. It has the makings of ‘Fight of the Year’.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

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  1. Hey moron,Cotto doesn't need to use his head.He's got two powerful hands that are gonna shut all you Pacquiao jock riders the hell up.Stop hating on Cotto, he's not a heel like Mayweather.This site is always trashing Miguel Cotto one way or another.Why don't you talk about Manny being scared to fight at the true welter weight at 147lbs.?"No,we rather trash on one of the best fighters in the sport right now"...CHUMPS!!!