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Friday, October 30, 2009

Cotto Flashig a Great Defense in Sparring

Tampa, Florida. Manny Pacquiao could be fast and aggressive, but it woudl e worthless if he throws and can not find the target.

And is that Miguel Cotto is well refined in his defense and very good with his lateral movements he is avoiding punishment and countering.

From what we saw on Friday in his sparring with lefties kenny Abril and Fred Tukes, Cotto could graduate from bullfighter school against Pacquiao.

Abril, was chasing Cotto around the ring, trying to punish Miguel, while Cotto stayed patient and frequently changing angles. By the time Abril reach out to Cotto, the champ would prescribe a powerful jab or some combination on the side of the body and upper uppercuts.

Without wasting energy by choice, Cotto managed to evade most attacks while sneaked his fists with precision.

"Miguel hits like a truck. At least the gloves are 18 ounces and we have protectio in the face. Still, I feel his punches a lot, "said Abril, of Puerto Rican descent.

"Every time I go to attack, I know that sooner or later I get a severe shock. It makes you think twice before you try to exchange blows in the ropes. I do not want to imagine what will happen to Pacquiao, where eight-ounce gloves shall not be protective. I'm sorry Pacquiao, "said April.

Source: primerahora.com


  1. your a dramatic actor MR. April.. hahahaha ur an ordinary boxer so u gt hurt!!!=)

  2. HEY YOU PAC FAN.Manny is Going to be KO Novembea 14 and ther nothing you cant do.Pleas no excuses,wen Manny pac gets KO.END OF STORY.

  3. Yeah Mr. Abril is an ordinary fighter, yeah right. He is there for a reason. Cotto can spar world class boxers that have a name, but instead he choose someone who is up and coming. Don't let the record fool you. He's no bum, Cotto won't risk the biggest fight of his life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you abril is a amateur boxer...i know cotto can avoid the punches of abril because that poor boxer is very slow. to u mr abril dont compare your self to pacman because your still a boy, and you dont have the speed what PACMAN has...lol....hahahahahha....your dreaming man!
    thats why cotto connect his jab to you because your too slow...

  5. Do your homework!!!! Kenny never compared himself to Cotto. You did. So you can continue your façade and persue your career as a amature blogger. And of couse punches are connected this isn't soccer. Go to Vegas and see a sparring sesson for yourself, but opps you can't cuz are a nobody. I was there I know what he can give and take you go by lame sources. Seeing is believing my man. He's the only sparring partner in Vegas. Too slow is the best you can come up with. You are a real pro...LOL. Stay tuned. Thank you for your post. Team Cotto really loves the attention.