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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Arum doubtful of Pacman

BAGUIO CITY—Against some of the biggest stars, including American icon Oscar de la Hoya and British brawler Ricky Hatton, Manny Pacquiao’s camp was unfazed.

Opposite a relative unknown from Puerto Rico, promoter Bob Arum seems to be doubtful.

He may be just eliciting intrigue, but Arum on Thursday said he is unsure if Manny will beat Miguel Angel Cotto on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Or he could be serious, considering both fighters are under his promotional outfit Top Rank.

“With this fight I am not so sure if Manny will win. He has to prepare like never before because Cotto is a very dangerous opponent,” Arum said.

“But Manny is a dedicated fighter and I give him a good chance,” he added.

“This will be the toughest fight of Manny and he knows it.”

Of course, world-renowned trainer Freddie Roach disagrees, saying the fight will be over in 10 or 11 rounds and they have the game plan set.

And while Arum warned that Cotto can take body shots well enough, Roach feels the Puerto Rican can be hurt in the bread basket.

“Who controls the fight is the key of victory. Cotto does not like body punches,” Roach said, adding that he will have Pacquiao put pressure on Cotto right away and see how the Puerto Rican deals with it.

“Manny never gets tired. He works very hard in the gym,” Roach said, stressing that Pacquiao is never a pessimist.

“Never ever since I have known him has he lacked the confidence of winning,” Roach said.

The flamboyant southpaw from General Santos City is scheduled for an eight-week training, with five weeks expected to be spent in the City of Pines.

“Salamat sa Panginoon sa magandang panahon,” said Pacquiao, who picked Baguio over training camps abroad and has at Shape Up Gym here Mexican Urbano Antillon and American Shawn Porter as sparmates.

Antillon is familiar with the Pacquiaos, the Mexican having beaten Manny’s brother Bobby in Las Vegas last year. He has won 26 fights, 19 via knockout, with just one loss. The 21-year-old light middleweight Porter has scored eight of his 10 wins via knockout and has not lost.

“Manny is happy with the training. That’s all I have to hear,” Arum said.

Cotto, who holds the World Boxing Organization welterweight title, was described by Roach as a smart fighter, although not as smart as Paquiao.

“He is a big and strong welterweight champion and naturally a left hand fighter, but fights from the right side,” Arum said.

“Cotto knows he is going to be on his biggest stage, and he is working and training hard, He knows all eyes are on him and he is confident he will beat Pacquiao.”

Source: businessmirror.com.ph

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