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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Former champ says Cotto is damaged

pacquiao vs cotto
Miguel Cotto is damaged goods.

This is the belief of Jose Luis Castillo, the former world lightweight champion from Mexico who will be one of Manny Pacquiao’s sparring partners in his Baguio training camp.

“Cotto's no longer the fighter that he once was,” said Castillo in Spanish last Saturday with the help of translator and fellow fighter Danny Escobar.

“After losing to (Antonio) Margarito, Cotto is no longer the same,” said the 35-year-old Castillo, who held the World Boxing Council 135-lb throne and once endured the punishing fists of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Margarito dealt Cotto a severe knockout loss when they fought last year although it was later found out that Margarito's wraps had been loaded with an excessive amount of plaster of Paris, making his punches more damaging.

Castillo and Escobar, an unbeaten welterweight from Riverside, California, arrived in Manila on board a Philippine Airlines flight from Los Angeles and they were immediately brought to a hotel in Manila for the time being because of the closure of the major highways leading to Baguio owing to the severe flooding in Northern Luzon the past couple of days.

Still, Castillo, now fighting at welterweight, said Cotto remains a livewire opponent and his presence in Pacquiao’s camp would help Freddie Roach and the trainers get ready for fight night.

Castillo, who is coming off four straight abbreviated wins, said he currently weighs 155 lbs and is raring to get it on with Pacquiao in the ring.

It is unsure if Roach will also tap Escobar, who has only three fights under his belt.

The arrival of Castillo should enable Roach to make a rotation among Castillo, super-welter Shawn Porter and super-lightweight Urbano Antillon, in the sparring sessions held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao sparred a total of seven rounds on Saturday -- four with Porter and three with Antillon -- as the Filipino fighter upped the number of sparring rounds to 31 rounds.

"Manny was fast and he moved as if he owned the ring," reported Pacquiao adviser Joe Ramos from the City of Pines.

Source: mb.com.ph


  1. "He's not the same"? He's only had two fights since Margarito,one of which was a knock out of an undefeated fighter and then went the distance with a fighter that can give anyone a tough fight.Cotto will prove to the World that he is not "shot".And all you blind haters that have only seen Pacquiao's last three fights and post stupid comments like,"Pac's gonna kill Cotto".Wake up and knock it off...CHUMPS!!!

  2. if pacman take long to KO cotto,it will be the bloody fight just like marquez and pacman,and if cotto can take pacman's punch the same thing will happen,as of pacman, he is already proven that he can take the punch of the bigger guys like cotto.its already proven because he sparred with the bigger guys bigger than cotto,so pacman is all set for the fight on nov. 14 without the doubt.the only remaining weeks of training, he will spend it in the wild card gym just to maintain his speed and power, resistance, focus, more concentration with a friendly smile, without hatred.anger will lost your focus and will destroy your game plan,so, pacman need more concentration on this fight.good luck to team pacquiao.

  3. is funny how all you punk ass haters thing paquiao is that good. and by the way i dont think he can take power shots from cotto the same power shots that crush bigger fighters who are just as fast and stronger than pacman. pacquiao is in deep trouble he is going to have to run alll night just to survive in the ring

  4. jose luis castillo is a hater if he things cotto is damaged why dosent he fight him? i bet he cant beat miguel cotto i bet my house and car on that!

  5. Jose Luis Castillo is washed up.

  6. pee in your pants if cotto will lose..

  7. all the above comments are full of hatred, one way or the other. Nobody, no one for sure, will know the outcome of the fight until it's over and that's a no-brainer thing...let's just wait and see. We're only spectators and know nothing about what these fighters are going through until they're in the ring...so quit you guys. Let's just watch and see...we gain nothing whoever win or loss the fight..it's not your fight anyways..and win or lose, they get the money not you...let's just enjoy watching these two guys beat up each other...that's it...