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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Manny Pacquiao's Speed Dazzles Sparring Partner Porter

Manny Pacquiao's power has not put a dent in his sparring partner but his speed has impressed him very much. Undefeated junior middleweight Shawn Porter is being used, along with lightweight Urbano Antillon, to spar with Pacquiao at his Baguio City training camp. Pacquiao's speed is seen as the main weapon when he faces WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Porter (10-0, 8KOs) is a 2007 US Golden Gloves middleweight champion and alternate on the 2008 Olympic team. He sparred with Pacquiao for three rounds and said the speed of Manny was a big factor in the ring.

“Its’ not much about his power, it’s his speed,” Porter told the The Manila Bulletin.

Porter plans to spar with Pacquiao for the second time on Thursday. The sparring sessions are teaching him a lot. WBA junior welterweight champion Amir Khan has said in several interviews that his sparring sessions with Pacquiao had given him the drive to revamp his career after being knocked out by Breidis Prescott in less than a minute last year. A young fighter like Porter will learn a lot as well.

“I am looking forward to my second sparring with Manny, who is a great person outside the ring,” said Porter.

Source: boxingscene.com


  1. i think pacman control his power when it comes to sparring but he show his speed how quick he is but for power he should control it, because its just a sparring, not to put all his power to his sparring partner. maybe if its real fight why should he control it? what i understood pacman has his style,because sparring is just a trial how his performance and his resistance in the sparring session,how he gonna last until he slow down if he is still quick until the end of the round of the sparring session that means he is right there already. pacman is humble he can't say to his sparring partner, you didn't feel my power because i control it.everybody said that pacman has explosive power you will see that power in the real fight in the ring.even you ask pacman where is your power? he will not answer you the truth,thats the sparring he will say "I WILL SHOW YOU MY SPEED BUT NOT MY POWER YET,BECAUSE ITS NOT A REAL FIGHT YET".

  2. just think this over, pacman sparr with the junior middleweight fighter, this guy is way bigger than cotto,pacman is just a light welterweight if he shake this guy he can do that to cotto too, just analize the weight and the height of his sparring partner i think he lean frequently on the rope because of the size of his sparring partner but i think thats' a good idea to sparr with biggers guys because when pacman come up in the ring against cotto, i am sure he can take the punch of cotto.if he can take the punch of the junior middleweight why not from welterweight like cotto?from canada we support pacman as our humble idol and hero.best of luck to the whole pacman's team.

  3. I think Pacquiao has what it takes to beat Cotto in the ring. It may not be a knockout but Pacman will definately give his fans a victory in the late rounds of the fight. He's dedication to his craft and immense discipline and loved for his country will boost his strenght from round to the end. As for Cotto, he has a good chance of beating Pacquiao only if he fight like Mayweather using his shoulder and counter punch each each Pacman launch an attach. Otherwise, if he goes head to head with Pacman , he will be knockout immeadiately.