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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Miguel Cotto gets redheaded stepchild treatment from Arum

pacquiao vs cotto
Megamanny and not Miguel I’m No Angel Cotto who is Teacher Arum’s pet.

But I’m beginning to wonder if the Boricua Banger, who is running silent but running deep as he trains like a madman at the Fight Factory Gym in Tampa, believes the Top Honcho of Top Rank considers him the red-headed stepchild.

It’s bad enough that there is no such thing as a Cotto Bobblehead Doll although Antonio Margarito tried to create one.

But how come Arum rushes off to the Strawberry Fields Forever camp of Pacman in Baguio but has yet to visit Tampa to look in on the Pride of Puerto Rico?

Maybe this psychological food for thought as it wasn’t long ago when Prevaricating Bob was doing his best Pinocchio imitation and shouting from the rooftops that Margocheato doesn’t cheat with loaded handwraps.

California lab reports evidencing Plaster of Paris became the smoking gun, so to speak, and Arum switched to radio silence on the topic of the Tijuana Tornado.

Cotto was so miffed at Arum’s rush to judgement and advocacy for Margarito that he had one step out the TR promotional door with a contract which expired at the end of this year.

But old shrewdie Arum went into his parsimonious pocket, from which he tosses nickels as though they were manhole covers, and enticed the Caguas Clouter into signing the Pacman bout contract and an extension of the old deal or a new promotional pact.

Then and only then did Arum put himself back in the catbird’s seat, having both Manny and Miguel on legal paper and assuring himself no complete disaster on Nov. 14.

But Cotto and his crew know there’s no level playing field with Arum, that he’s looking for a smashing Pacman victory to set the table for a Mayweather mega bout in 2010.

Still, as he toils in Tampa, Cotto must be playing “Only The Lonely” as his music to hit the pads by.

Where’s the love for his Other Son?

I don’t think Cotto is feeling any.

You feel me?

Source: examiner.com


  1. even though cotto and pacman are in the same promoter, i think arum is more concern for pacman than cotto,because maybe,pacman made a lot of money than cotto, if we talk about business,but actually they are the same great boxers.but if we look for their record pacman has impressive record compare to cotto and besides that lots of boxing fans want to see pacman fighting inside the ring because he is such a warrior and he is kind of fighter that no retreat, no surrender in his style.on nov. 14 you will see how much fans watching for this fight maybe ticket are already sold out but for pay-per-view sky is the limit who ever wants to watch, ppv is always availabe to all viewers.most filipinos order this ppv fight one or two days before the fight because we filipinos, are always there to support pacman lost or win,but for this fight, we always hope and pray for the success of our humble idol and softhearted man who always ready to help his fellow filipinos when they are on disaster.so,we always there with pacman, good luck and GOD bless you pacman.

  2. Yeah,umm,Pacquiao's record is not more impressive.Pacquiao has three losses and two draws,on the other hand,Cotto's only loss was against a man who possibly cheated but still is only one loss.