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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pacquiao vs. Cotto: Will the Southpaw Jinx Strike Miguel?

pacquiao vs cotto
By Giancarlo Malinconico: Freddie Roach’s latest studies of Miguel Cotto has led him to state, “He [Cotto] doesn’t fight southpaws really well.” Roach goes on to discuss how Cotto struggled against Zab Judah for much of the early part of their encounter before running out of steam. Roach contends that Pacquiao can do what Zab did in the early rounds for the entire twelve.

Although Cotto did eventually overcome Zab, and he dominated Carlos Quintana, there may be some merit to Roach’s comment. Judah hurt Cotto early with an uppercut, but failed to capitalize because Cotto countered with an uppercut to the testicles. Additionally, in his bout with
DeMarcus Corley, Cotto was rocked by a tricky right hook. And we all saw what ‘Manila Ice’ (Pacquiao’s right hook) did to Ricky Hatton. In addition, Roach claims Cotto does not take shots to the body well, and Joshua Clottey echoed this sentiment before his bout with Miguel as well. Expect Manny to send many straight left hands to Cotto’s body.

But Cotto’s stock has risen since Mayweather’s one-sided domination over Juan Manuel Marquez, and many feel the weight advantage will carry Miguel to victory. But the difference between Marquez and Pacquiao is simple: Manny carried up his power and speed. And the Pac Man is nothing like any of Cotto’s defeated opponents at welterweight. All of them, Mosley, Judah, Quintana and more, all had something in common: they all fought flatfooted.

Manny will box on his toes hit, move his head and move out of the way of returning shots. The trickiest punch a southpaw can land on an orthodox fighter is a right hook. Look for Cotto’s legs to turn to Jell-o if he is hit clean with ‘Manila Ice’: shades of Corley.

Southpaws do everything backwards, and Cotto will have to deal with that in addition to speed, head movement and footwork that he has never dealt with before in his career. But in defense of Cotto, he has knocked out every southpaw he has faced. And Cotto has won all of his fights only being stopped by a huge welterweight with cinder blocks for fists.

Source: boxingnews24.com


  1. Zero percent margin error for Cotto or else, he will kiss the canvas from the left straight of Pacquiao in the 10th or 11th round. call me an idiot but i will place my $500 for pacquiao

  2. O.k. you are an idiot! Cotto in seven rounds. Vamos, Boricua!!!!

  3. Cotto will kiss the canvas on the 6 rounds..!!

  4. i believe cotto switch to southpaw when he fight to confuse his opponent but actually using southpaw is awkward for him, once he got hit he switch to orthodox style right away.i think he is a real right handed boxer.once he switch to southpaw he has nothing on his left hand because switching to southpaw, you are using right hand for your jab which is his right hand the power is there,while pacman is a real southpaw he use his right hand for jab and he ready his left hand to strike for a knockout which is his powerful punch comes from there.cotto's southpaw is just a fake,when the time he switch to southpaw pacman take the advantages because his southpaw has no effect.

  5. cotto is younger bigger and stronger than any other manny faced...manny is quicker and agile plus powerful than any other cotto faced...

    ima pac fan but i'll give my respects to cotto...he has something that we'll send manny down and manny has something to send cotto down...

    we'll see whose the last man standing on nov.14..