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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Arum certifies it: Pacquiao-Cotto for WBO crown, 145 pound limit

Paymaster Bob Arum is so concerned about the continuing brouhaha over the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto super bout that he is sunning himself in the South of France.

I spoke to Arum Sunday night as he was visiting South African business mogul Sol Kerzner,
Earlier this past week, Arum did some hiking in Aspen.

While much of Pacland and Cottoland has been in turmoil about whether the Puerto Rican’s WBO welterweight title strap will be on the line and what the contractual weight agreement will be,
Arum says everyone should take a sip of a good French wine and maybe a chill pill.

According to Uncle Bob, negotiations, misunderstandings and controversy attendant to that the foregoing are all ancient history now.

Arum expects to have contracts signed by both challenger Pacman and champion Cotto by Tuesday which is Aug. 11.

Tickets for the mega bout at the MGM Grand will go on sale, Arum told me, on Aug, 17. The general public only has a shot at about 3,000 unspoken for tickets.

(Interesting choice of dates there, two days before the Juan Manuel Marquez-Floyd Mayweather PPV TV bout at the MGM Grand.)

“Everything has been decided and agreed to,” Arum said. “Cotto is defending the title and the weight limit be 145 pounds,. There are no disagreements or problems. Now, everything is cleared up.”

Arum’s friend, Kerzner, is hoping that Pacquiao will choose to begin his training for the Cotto bout at his Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas.

Arum said that decision--Bahamas, Vancouver or Mexico--will be solely made by Pacquiao.

Coach Freddie Roach has suggested that his charge start training in the leafy, cool climes of Baguiao, Philippines, where the elevation goes up to 5,100 feet.

Source: examiner.com

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