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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nothing left to chance for Cotto

Miguel Cotto’s eyes are now burning with desire, the Puerto Rican’s conditioning coach Phil Landman disclosed on Tuesday.

Landman told the newspaper Primera Hora that Cotto “is strong, happy and very motivated” heading into the final 12 weeks of preparation for an all-important showdown with Manny Pacquiao on November 14 in Las Vegas.

“(Miguel) knows that this is a very important fight and he is taking it very seriously,” said Landman, who is originally from South Africa but is now based in Los Angeles. “There is something different in the way he looks. Mentally, Miguel is prepared for the long preparation.”

Cotto actually started training early in anticipation of a tough grind under Landman, who is expected to work alongside lead trainer Joe Santiago in whipping the 28-year-old Cotto into the meanest form ever come fight night at the MGM Grand.

Cotto admitted that Pacquiao’s quickness is his main concern and that Landman and Santiago will join hands in the coming weeks to come up with a plan to offset the Filipino’s strength.

Landman said by the time Cotto goes on a four-city press tour with Pacquiao beginning September 10 in New York, he would have already been in an advanced stage of training although the most crucial phase will happen in Tampa, Florida.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao continues to spend most of the day – actually night – putting the finishing touches on his TV shows and movie that will be due for release in December.

“We are like vampires,” said Pacquiao lawyer Franklin Gacal, who often accompanies the fighter in the nocturnal shooting sessions in and around the metropolis.

Still, Gacal said Pacquiao is right on track since he usually begins training camp eight weeks before a fight.

“Once Manny shows up for training, it’s impossible to stop him,” said Gacal.

Under the plan, Pacquiao will kick off his preparation for Cotto following the promotional tour that will bring him not only to New York but to Puerto Rico, San Francisco and Los Angeles next month.

Baguio is being eyed to host the initial phase of Pacquiao’s training camp.

Source: mb.com.ph

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  1. prepare the stretcher for cotto... another retirees courtesy of manny