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Monday, August 31, 2009

Cotto Needs to Knock Pacquiao Off His High Horse

’m really looking forward to November 14th, so that WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto can knock Manny Pacquiao down a peg or two. This guy needs be stopped pronto. I was comfortable with Cotto giving Pacquiao a slow methodical beating for 12 long rounds, but now I prefer that Cotto get rid of Pacquiao as soon possible, preferably in the 1st or 2nd rounds. Pacquiao needs to stopped.

Think of it this way: If Pacquiao were to win the fight, we’d probably be seeing a future of him continuing to fight catch weight bouts again fighters that would have little choice but to have their titles on the line or risk being stripped of their titles by the sanctioning bodies.
That’s what happens when you get a fighter that gets too powerful for their own good. They can throw their weight around and make things happen. You know and I know that any close decisions involving Pacquiao very likely go to him, just as was the case in his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez last year. Who in their right mind saw Pacquiao winning that fight. And that’s what I’m talking about. Unless Cotto stops Pacquiao now, he’s going to have too much power for his own good.

I don’t how Pacquiao got popular because he doesn’t deserve it my view. It was the wins over Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton that did it for him. Before that, Pacquiao was just a fighter like anyone else. He won some fights and then would lose some others. But once he got the wins over De La Hoya and Hatton, suddenly Pacquiao has acquired a lot of popularity. And I don’t see that as good thing. I think it’s time that Pacquiao lose and be brought down to earth.

I want to see him get knocked out, because when you have a popular fighter like him, there’s too much wriggle room for the judges to give him a decision unless Cotto knocks him five or six times in the fight. We’re talking about a popular fighter here. Boxing is known for this kind of thing.

That’s why Cotto has to take Pacquiao apart and make sure that there’s no chance that Pacquiao and get a decision awarded to him unjustly. Because, believe me, if Pacquiao wins by another controversial decision, there’s probably next to no chance that Cotto will get a chance to get a rematch.

If you don’t believe me, just look at Marquez. He’s still waiting for a rematch a year and half later after his controversial loss to Pacquiao. And you know what? Marquez is probably going to wait a lot more longer for a fight against Pacquiao. My guess is probably never.

Source: boxingnews24.com


  1. Wow, this is the most stupid post I've ever read. Pacquiao was already popular before he fought De La Hoya & Hatton. He got more popular after the fight. Just remember Pacquiao won against Morales twice & Barerra before fighting DLH & Hattom. Of course Pacquiao won the fight against Marquez. It's a close fight but he won.lol. Regarding catch weight Cotto is natural welterweight and Pacquiao was a flyweight before. It won't be a disadvantage to Cotto if they fight catch weight. Probably Pacquiao will be about 148 lbs and Cotto about 155-160 lbs on the fight night. Still Cotto is stil advantage about the weight. Cotto still will be the stronger man. Boxing is not all about strength and it's also about speed and styles. You'll really going bang your head on the wall after Nov. 14 because Pacquiao will win the fight by knockout. Wear helmet on Nov. 14 at least it won't really hurt you so bad after the fight.lol

  2. yeah, i second that.
    Whoever wrote this crap, You're a scared shit! that's what you are. You didn't even posted your name. Let's wait & see who will have the last laugh.... I don't think it will be you.

  3. Whoever wrote this is surely not a boxing fan. Pacman got popular after dlh? after hatton? Come on now. What about the morales-pacquiao trilogy? What about the famous line of david diaz referring to pacquiao at the corner..."he's too fast!" Pacman is true fighter that is why he is fighter of the decade. he can take on anyone and rip their belts off. And you think Morales won? I think clottey won too. Everyone has his own opinion on who should have won, but too bad, we are not the judges. we don't determine who holds the title. If you are not a pacman fan then I am sure you don't watch his fights so you can't reasonably say he doesn't deserve his popularity. Boxers like pacman keep the fans watching. Boring fighters make the fans lose interest in the sport.