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Friday, August 21, 2009

Could Super Judah help solve Pacquiao puzzle?

During the latest episode of The Boxing Truth Radio, Chavez and myself ripped the notion that the best flyweight in the world Ivan Calderon could assist Miguel Cotto in emulating Manny Pacquiao's style as the Puerto Rican prepares for his November 14 bout.

Calderon is an elite left-handed boxer, but lets face it, while his speed might help Cotto in getting ready for Pacquiao - a a quick fisted left-hander in his own right, little Ivan does not have the fire power to bother Cotto.

Pacquiao fights in controlled spurts of energy, a rather unorthodox style, something that Calderon would have difficulty emulating due to his classic boxer fighting style.

So if not Calderon, then who might be able to correctly prepare Miguel Cotto for the puzzle that is Manny Pacquiao?

The best answer is probably, nobody.

Pacquiao has evolved into an elite fighter with an unorthodox lefty style punctuated with power generated by top notch hand speed and fleet footed movement.

Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, and Oscar De La Hoya have all employed Edwin Valero as a sparring partner and the wild Venezuelan slugger might have provided tenacity, and power, but his own awkward style little resembles that of Pacquiao's.

Zab Judah might be the answer to Cotto's sparring partner dilemma.

Yes, Cotto has fought Judah and beat him, but that alone has never kept a fighter from assisting another in preparing for a fight. If the money is right, around $10,000 a week estimated one boxing insider, Judah has the skill set and boxing I.Q. to emulate Pacquiao better than anyone else.

Judah, a lefty like Manny, has excellent speed even at the age of 31 and on the down-side of his career. Add his above average power and build as a legitimate welterweight, Judah can help harden Cotto's body to withstand the damage Pacquiao will look to dish out.

A legitimate world-class boxer, Judah has the ability to emulate Pacquiao's style. Sure it would not be exactly like the madness Manny conquers in the ring, but it would be close enough to assist Cotto in preparation.

Judah is scheduled to fight Antonio Diaz on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather Junior's return against Juan Manuel Marquez, but if Zab survives with little damage against Diaz, he could be ready to assist Cotto in the final weeks of his training.

A crazy idea, maybe, but Cotto will have to think outside the box to receive the proper practice while sparring in preparation for his bout with Pacquiao.

Source: examiner.com

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