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Monday, August 31, 2009

Is Miguel Cotto Pacquiao's toughest challenge?

Is Miguel Cotto Pacquiao's toughest challenge?- I will say that the answer to this question is a very loud YES... One however must remember that Oscar De La Hoya was put in that role some 2 fights ago against the Pac-Man, all Pac-Man did in response was step up and destroy De La Hoya and made the Golden Goose retire on his stool. Going into the Oscar fight, many picked Oscar to win because of Oscar's experience, height, weight, and over all skill. After the bell rang, Oscar seemed to only have experience and height. Oscar sure didn't have the extra weight on him since Pacquiao entered the ring weighing more than the Golden Boy. Manny was just too fast, too strong, too smart, and too skillful for Oscar come fight night. I picked Oscar to destroy Pacquiao, when I look back now, I should have changed my mind when I heard that Victor Ortiz and Edwin Valero were said to have been toying with Oscar in camp. Lesson learned, I feel that Cotto is Pacquiao's toughest challenge since his first encounter against Erik Morales. In Cotto, Pacquiao will be dealing against a man that is very strong, has power in either hand, has above average footwork, and like Pacquiao this fighter has the heart of a lion. We are all in for quite a treat.

Will Juan Diaz give Malignaggi a rematch in the Big Apple?- In one word I will say No, No because knowing some of the players involved in all this, some will ask what makes Malignaggi and his team think that the judges that will be used in New York are any better than any other judge used anywhere else? In fact some are already saying that Paulie's promoter Lou Dibella used the same strategy when he put up his gem at the time Jermain Taylor against Cory Spinks and Winky Wright at Memphis which is pretty much Taylor's second home. Alot feel that Cory used enough lateral movement and swift footwork to beat Taylor but was robbed by the judges, so where was the belly aching then? To take it a step further, in reading the message boards from boxing fans, there are alot of fans out there that feel strongly that Herman Ngoudjo was robbed when he came to Atlantic City to face Paulie, so where was the boxing is full of shit rant then? I for one do feel that Diaz should give Paulie the rematch because the fight was very entertaining and in many peoples eyes the fight could have gone either way. I think that the rematch will be even better than the first match. As I noted above people will say what they think and what they feel, some are right and some couldn't be more wrong. I say make it right, first fight was in Texas, next fight should be in New York, and if third fight is needed, then somewhere neutral, where that neutral spot is located at exactly? Well, that all depends on who you ask.

Now or never for Cotto to seize the #1 spot at the top of pound for pound list?- Yes, I will say that the time is now for Cotto to seize that lofty spot at the top. Cotto has pretty much always flirted around the top ten on the pound for pound list, well it's time to stop flirting and it's now time to capture it. A Cotto loss will once again put Cotto between 5-10 slot on the list, if Cotto gets destroyed then it's very possible that he may fall off the top ten all together. A Cotto win will shoot him right to the top around 1 or 2 since many still feel that Money May is the man at the top. If Cotto crushes Pacquiao, I will then say that Cotto would then have to be the best fighter in the world since he just would have beaten the monster that has been destroying everything in his path. The time has come for the Boriqua Bomber.

Source: diamondboxing.com

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