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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto: Keys to Victory

It’s been more than a month since the fight between Miguel Angel Cotto, WBO Welterweight Champion versus Manny Pacquiao, Lineal Light-welterweight champion and pound-for-pound best fighter in the world, was announced. There have been lots of commotions, drama, intrigue, twist and turn in the plot already. First, about the purse split, then about the official weight-in, then the title; Now that everything is set, contracts were signed, sealed delivered, tickets were almost sold out after the first day it was opened for sale!

That’s how much anticipation and excitement this fight is generating right now.

The fight, billed as “Firepower”. And I think it’s a brilliant title for the fight, for these two warriors are known for their ability to get in that ring and deliver bombs to their opponents. And pitting these two warriors against each other, you can really expect lots of fire power in this fight! The question is whose firepower will be most effective? Will Miguel’s strength, size and pressure type of style be enough to stop the Filipino spitfire? Will Manny Pacquiao’s speed overwhelm the Boricura Bomber? These are the type of questions fight fans want to find out come November 14!

But as they said, “The key to victory is not the will to win. Everybody has that! It is the will to prepare to win.” The fight is not won in the ring, but in the training camp. How a fighter performs in the ring is just a manifestation of what he did in the training camp.

So, the battle is set; What’s the battle plan?

This brings us to Pacquiao vs Cotto: Keys to Victory part 1


17weeks before November 14, Coach Freddie Roach is trying to convince Manny Pacquiao to train outside of the Philippines, but also outside of Wild Card gym, even outside the United States! Or else, if Manny Pacquiao stayed in the United States more than a month this time, uncle sam will get lots of money from them! But it seems like Manny Pacquiao has other plans in mind. He is the man and what he says will be. It seems like he will be training in the Philippines for most of his training camp, and just one two weeks in the United States, one week in Wild Card gym and another week in Las Vegas.

The last time Manny Pacquiao trained in the Philippines for a big fight was when he fought Marco Antonio Barrera the second time. In his home country, Manny Pacquiao is a hero, a celebrity, movie star, television personality, a recording artist, commercial model, politician, etc. He has so many other engagements outside boxing that Bob Arum needed to call him and ask him to focus on his training. And when he was training in Cebu city, Coach Freddie needed to shoo away all the paparazzi, hangers-on and adoring fans out and closed the gym shut. But somehow amidst all these distractions, Manny Pacquiao still finds his way to get that win.

Freddie Roach seems to prefer Baguio City instead of Cebu City as their new venue for a training camp. Ah yes, this is where Philipine Olympian boxers train. The cool climate, high elevation and hopefully less distractions, looks like an ideal place to train for a 7th World title in 7 different weight divisions. Although I’m still hoping to get an interview and some shots in that training camp when that happen.

I’m sure by now; Coach Freddie Roach’s brilliant mind is studying Miguel Cotto’s videos. Analyzing Cotto’s moves, knowing his strength and weakness and figuring out how these information can be useful in training Manny Pacquiao, while Pacquiao is preparing for his political career, shooting some commercials and new TV sitcom in the Phililppines.

On the other hand, Miguel Angel Cotto; after that big drama regarding his long-time trainer and full-time uncle, which resulted in a brick thrown into Cotto’s Jaguar, Miguel has a new chief trainer. Joe Santiago is Miguel’s nutritionist and conditioning trainer, has now taken over as chief trainer for Cotto.

The WBO welterweight champion looks like he means business about this fight. He is now in his full-blast training 3months away from fight night.

Unlike Freddie Roach, Santiago does not have the same problem with Cotto regarding distractions from the press and the fans. Because as Cotto said “I’m not Tito Trinidad who smile and waves to people on the streets and pose for the cameras. I do my business inside the ring! I’m Miguel Cotto.”

Although I’m not sure if Santiago has the same level of expertise with regards to being a fight tactician as Roach. But there’s another Manny, who wants to step in those shoes if given a chance! Coach Emmanuel Stewart. Oh yes, there’s money to be made in this fight not to mention the prestige and the exposure. Coach Manny Stewart has been lobbying to be Miguel Cotto’s trainer for some time now. But it seems like Miguel Cotto is not biting the bait.

This match up is getting more interesting every minute it draws nearer! So just stay tuned and see what is in store for us regarding the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight.

For the meantime, enjoy this video:

Source: 8countnews.com

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