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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto Significantly Outselling Mayweather vs Marquez?

They say styles make fights. They should start saying styles sell tickets as well.

Reports have already came out just days after the highly anticipated Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto fight finally went on sale that the fight is already almost sold out.

Whole entire price levels have already completely sold out. In fact it has been said that many of these seats sold out during the pre-sale for Pacquiao vs Cotto.

Even before this fight was officially inked last Wednesday, several weeks earlier everyone from the average fight fan to the elite superstar athletes such as Derek Jeter have been contacting the right people over at Top Rank to get their hands on the hottest fight going down November 14, 2009.

On the other hand the long awaited return fight of the last American Pound for Pound Champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Juan Manuel Marquez is reportedly having trouble selling out the MGM Grand (same venue as Pacquiao vs Cotto). There is significant amounts of tickets left for Mayweather vs Marquez which is to take place in just one month from now.

Could the reason for the drastic ticket sales difference between the two fights have much to do with the style of these pair of fighters?

You have the two most skilled master technical defensive counter punchers fighting each other in one bout and then you have the two most exciting, explosive, offensive fighters who have been keeping the sport of boxing alive in the other bout. This may be the very reason why the latter is already almost sold out, for styles sell tickets.

Personally I am a true fight fan who loves all great fighters and great match ups despite their styles. I have adoration for both Mayweather and Marquez to the point of me being rather inspired by them, but the general public, the casual ignorant fan may not feel the same way as the ticket sales and buzz may already indicate this.

If Mayweather is significantly outsold by Pacquiao in tickets sales, PPV revenue numbers etc he may have very little validation and credibility to negotiate a higher purse or perhaps even an even split with Pacquiao for their potential match up if Pacquiao vs Cotto seems to be steam rolling the way it already is.

Any true fight fan knows the out come of these two fights will have a profound impact on the future of the sport of boxing and we all know your man KING J will be there in Las Vegas just for you to make sure you feel as if you have a ringside seat.

Source: bleacherreport.com

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