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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jockey Steward could ride Cotto to victory over Pacquiao

Open Letter To Miguel Angel Cotto:

Dear Tocayo:
Some people, including some smart boxing people, think you are a punched ticket.
Stick a fork in Cotto, they say, because the Boricua Bomber is going to get bombed by a in his prime time Manny Pacquiao.

Some even think this might be like when welterweight champ Carlos Palomino savagely demolished a Japanese challenger named Ryu Sorimachi. Sorimachi was blitzed in one round at the old Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.

Ringside wit and AP scribe Fast Eddie Schuyler, as usual, had a stinging one-liner after the CBS televised mismatch.

“Sorimachi went down faster than downtown Hiroshima,” Schuyler said.
Fast Eddie is retired now, back in Pennsylvania, and the boxing scene is less humorous than it was when he was in the press section.

I digress, Miguel, and I will now get to my main point.

You will snatch $5 million or so, your biggest payday, against Pacman Nov. 14.
I’m sure you’re not showing up at the MGM Grand just to make a good showing or to give a solid effort or any of that claptrap and mumbo jumbo.
I’m sure, that buoyed by Puerto Rican Pride, you’re aim to beat Pacman.
If you beat Manny The Man, you become The Man.

You will be the King of All Boxing, master of all your survey.

Which is why you must hire Kronk Goldfather Emanuel Steward pronto.

Steward wants the gig, no question, but he is not out on the streets of Caguas with a tin cup in his hand begging for it.

That Manny could use another high profile fighter besides Wladimir Klitschko, who will never be a humungous star in America.

That Manny’s got a massive ego, one the size of Lake Michigan.
But Steward could inject you not so much with any ring tricks or techniques you don’t already know about.

Steward could inject you with a jolt of confidence which could make all the difference between winning and losing against the Pinoy Idol.

Whether Margocheato had doctored handwraps or not, he gave you a beatdown.
Joshua Clottey gave you some real problems and, as Steward pointed out correctly, the Ghanaian can do that to any opponent.

But the fact remains that had Clottey remained aggressive down the stretch he could’ve walked out of Madison Square Garden with a victory over you.

Steward is a winner. Kronk Gym was all about wicked training regiments, overheated sparring and collecting world title straps.

Steward is also the best fight night cornerman this side of Coach Freddie Roach. In fact, Steward might be the best corner jockey extant.

Not only that, having Steward as your lead trainer will take some of the massive publicity burden off you. For a fight of this magnitude, the public relations demands can be mentally draining if not physically debilitating.

Steward loves nothing more than the sound of his voice. So what, you can save your vocal chords.

Hiring Steward is necessary and ordinary business expense. He is the consultant who could put you over the top against Megamanny.

You can be pennywise and pound foolish and stick with your current crew, none of whom has ever been involved in such a Super Fight.

Spend the money, Miguel.

Hiring Steward is a wise investment.

If not now, when?

You might still lose against Pacman, sure, but if Steward rolls up his sleeves and goes to work like he did with Thomas Hearns and so many others, he will help you lift your game.

Come Nov. 15, you don’t want to asking yourself, “What if…as in what if I had Steward in the gym and in my corner?”

Don’t be cheap, champ.

You only get this ride one time.

Source: examiner.com

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