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Saturday, August 15, 2009

While Pacman frolics, Cotto is all business

Told about his adversary’s seemingly happy-go-lucky ways, Miguel Cotto said Saturday he doesn’t care about Manny Pacquiao’s decision to continue filming a movie as the Puerto Rican prepares to enter the second week of training for their Nov. 14 clash in Las Vegas.

“What Manny does and doesn’t want to do is his problem and not my responsibility,” Cotto told the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia after another day at a local gym.

Cotto had actually started training almost two weeks ago as he prepares for the arrival of conditioning coach Phil Landman from Los Angeles. Landman is set to hook up with Cotto later this month.

“I feel very good now,” Cotto told Primera Hora, another major Puerto Rican paper. “My light training is helping me regain my form just in time for the arrival of Phil so that we also don’t start from zero.”

“I have been the type of athlete who likes to train hard,” added Cotto, who has been banging the heavy bag, skipping rope and hitting the punch mitts as he revs up for the tough grind ahead.

Cotto said he now weighs 162 lbs, 17 lbs off the agreed catch weight of 145 lbs for his battle with Pacquiao at the MGM Grand and is very confident that the time he will spend in the gym in the coming weeks will help him get rid of excess baggage that he gained during vacation.

Despite his inactivity, Pacquiao makes sure his weight remains in check.

Encircling the fingers on his right hand on his left wrist, Pacquiao said he currently weighs 152 or 153 lbs.

Regardless of the uncanny way to know his weight, Pacquiao insisted he is right on the money.

“I have been doing this to check on my weight ever since I started boxing. I have never been wrong,” said Pacquiao, who only plans to start training after the four-city press tour in mid-September.

Pacquiao plans to proceed to Baguio for the eight-week training camp when he returns from the press tour of New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.

In the meantime, Pacquiao will continue to fulfill all his commitments so that when he begins working with Freddie Roach, there’ll be no more distractions.

Source: mb.com.ph

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