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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Manny Pacquiao: Cotto could be greater challenge than Mayweather

As revealed in this column last week Freddie Roach has unearthed a gameplan for Manny Pacquiao against Miguel Cotto on Nov 14 which involves a ‘hit and run’ fight strategy. It makes absolute sense. Pacquiao’s freakish levels of fitness could enable the Filipino idol to do exactly that for 36 championship minutes.

That’s why Roach takes Pacquiao through an unbroken passage of 15, and up to 23 rounds, on the pads and the bodybag in a single session. Roach is now open about the fight strategy.

As suggested by a friend, Fahim, an amateur boxer, Pacquiao, if he finds the blueprint to defeat Cotto, coulhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifd be setting up the format to become the first fighter on the planet to register in the zero column of undefeated Floyd Mayweather.

My pal believes that Cotto could actually be the tougher fight. It is a compelling argument. Although Cotto is cagey and is a clever exponent in the way he sets traps, and believes in his natural patience during a contest, if Pacquiao proves he can outwork Cotto, use the superb angles he creates, uses his crab-like lateral movement and fast feet, he could, in fact, put that into effect against Mayweather and earn a points victory. Cotto’s power and durability are the dangers for Pacquiao.

That Cotto is a tougher assignment, in terms of threats and dangers, for Pacquiao, could be considered a plausible argument. Or at least one theory. What do you think? Many will disagree. Manny won’t. Nor Freddie. Views ?

Source: telegraph.co.uk

1 comment:

  1. this is very true...unlike cotto mayweather doesn't have the KO power of cotto which pac can take advantage of...

    for sure pac will relentlessly attack him throwing combinations and will be forced to shoulder roll...and run around maybe taking 1 punch per combination - no disrespect to mayweather dodging and pac's accuracy...but for me, the gayweather speed is unmatched maybe a four punch combination for pac will just land one or two, and for me, that's enough...to score points...

    pac doesn't wait mayweather does...and when mayweather attacks pac would be returning punches while slippin and not block it...