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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Diaz: Pacquiao will beat Cotto

he dismissal of Evangelista Cotto from training his nephew, welterweight champion Miguel Cotto, has been well documented. Renown cutman Miguel Diaz also was let go prior to Cotto’s unification fight with Joshua Clottey this past June. Diaz made some interesting comments to sports broadcaster Juan Larena of “Combate Space” (a network that broadcasts boxing in Spanish all over Latin America) regarding being cut loose and on how he will still be very close to the action come fight night of Cotto-Pacquiao. “I really dont know why he decided to let me go because I didn’t have any problems at all with anybody on the team,” said Diaz. “The only thing I think of is that his new lawyer saw it as a way to save on costs. I could have easily worked the Clottey corner as the cutman when Clottey fought Miguel but for ethical reasons I didn’t do so. However, I will be working Manny Pacquaio’s corner as the cutman when he fights Miguel and I am 100% Pacquaio will beat Cotto!”

Source: fightnews.com

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